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My Personal Trading Experience with

I’ve been trading with for the past five months and because I know there are some other people curious about what this company can offer, I would like to share with you my experiences so far, what really impressed me and what should the broker adjust a little bit.

Mobile trading app

The platform is the most important tool and aside from the web-based platform which CAPEX developed, I think the mobile app stands out in a huge way. It runs smoothly, no lags, great user interface built in an intuitive way. I’ve read a broker review before starting to trade with this company, but since then they’ve managed to make some significant improvements to their offer.

Charting on the mobile app seems to be a little better than the traditional MT5 app, which is why so far I was mainly focused on trading with the Capex proprietary app. I must admit that it all depends on each one’s tastes, but my belief is that the app is slightly better than MT5.

Plenty of instruments to trade

It’s also important to note that with Capex broker, you’ll get access to plenty of trading instruments. At the time I’m writing this review, the company offers CFDs based on forex, indices, bonds, ETFs, commodities, shares, blends, and cryptocurrencies. No matter what popular instruments in each category you want to trade, Capex has more than 2,100 different contracts.

I mentioned popular because the spread is relatively big when it comes to less liquid contracts. Maybe Capex could make some adjustments there. Still, I prefer to be active where other companies and traders like myself place their money, due to increased liquidity, which leads to lower spreads. Aside from the wide range of assets, the company had also integrated plenty of useful tools that may have a use, depending on what contracts you want to trade.

Educational Resources

Lastly, I want to share my thoughts on the educational resources provided by Capex. The company offers access to daily market reviews & financial research, daily analysts’ recommendations, access to a video library (the access is limited or full, depending on your account type), a learn how to trade section, and significant market news. These resources are useful, but I believe the company could add plenty of other ones, as well.

To summarize, my experience with had been positive so far, which is why I’m still working with this company. What I like the most is that the company continues to add new things each month, which shows it constantly wants to stay competitive and one step ahead of other brokers.

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