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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 267: Shigaraki powers up before battling Mirko, Dabi reveals something to Hawks

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With three days to go before the “My Hero Academia” chapter 267 release date fans are already excited about what the upcoming manga installment could bring. For those who just can’t wait, there are some of the interesting speculations floating around.

Mirko vs Shigaraki

One of the highly anticipated fights in this arc is that between Mirko and Shigaraki Tomura. Fortunately, it looks like this might finally be covered in the upcoming “Boku no Hero Academia” chapter 267.

Previously, Mirko single-handedly barged into the Nomu creator’s laboratory. Left with no other choice to buy some time, Doctor Garaki activated several high-end Nomus even if most of them still lacked proper training.

The high-level Nomus were able to stall the powerful Mirko for a while. However, it won’t likely last for long. “My Hero Academia” chapter 267 would finally see the Pro-Hero defeating her artificially created opponents.

This leaves Dr. Garaki with no other choice but to use his last trump card, Shigaraki himself. During the last time that Tomura was seen, he was still in the process of powering up with a completion rate of 71 percent.

It is highly likely that the completion rate of Shigaraki’s power-up sequence might have gone higher while Mirko was busy dealing with the high-end Nomus. This means that the villain will be even more powerful when facing the Pro-hero in “My Hero Academia” chapter 267.

Dabi vs Hawks

Another spectacular fight to look forward to is the unfinished battle between Dabi and Hawks. The Pro-hero admitted to being disadvantaged in his fight against Dabi since most of his feathers were already burned due to the villain’s surprise attack.

However, the winner between the two remains to be seen. While Dabit is certainly powerful, he will be up against the current No. 2 Pro-hero so it’s guaranteed to be a neck and neck battle.

Meanwhile, there are speculations as to how Dabi might have known Hawks’ real name. The revelation shocked the hero so much that he was distracted long enough for Twice to escape.

In fact, Dabi might know a little more than he let on. “Hawks asks Dabi who he really is,” Reddit user ShadowRei96 predicted. “Something major gets revealed.”

“My Hero Academia” chapter 267 will arrive on MangaPlus on April 6, 2020.

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