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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 267: Injured Hawks continues to fight against Dabi after Twice's death

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The action is expected to continue in “My Hero Academia” chapter 267. One explosive fight that’s likely to be featured is the continuation of the clash between the No. 2 Pro-hero Hawks against the powerful villain Dabi.

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 266 recap

“Boku no Hero Academia” chapter 266, which can read online on MangaPlus, is probably one of the saddest chapters of the manga series. It featured the death of one of the most likeable characters of the series, Twice.

Just as previous “My Hero Academia” manga spoilers predicted, it was Hawks who saved Twice from Dabi’s flames. Surprisingly, Hawks was able to evade Dabi’s attack at point-blank range showing just his position as the No.2 Pro-hero is well-deserved.

But Hawks took some damage. As Dabi pointed out, the Pro-Hero lost most of his weapons, which meant he won’t be as effective in a fight later on, which could continue in “My Hero Academia” chapter 267.

Hawks asked Dabi what gave him away. Apparently, the villain never trusted Hawks unlike Twice. Dabi then attacked the Pro-hero once more.

But Hawks was too fast and was able to dodge the flames and come back once more. “Keigo Katami,” Dabi uttered Hawk’s real name, which made the Hero pause for a bit, wondering how his enemy knew who he was.

But his slight distraction gave Twice the chance to escape. He noticed Toga and Compress about to be captured by a hero. He saved his teammates by killing their enemy.

Compress told Twice to make more doubles. “It’s taking all I’ve got just to hold this form together,” Twice explained why he can’t use the technique he was still exhausted after fighting Hawks.

He apologized to both Toga and Compress for getting duped again and causing their current predicament. “Hawks pulled one on over me, I was duped again,” he explained.

Twice gave back Toga’s hanky. Apparently, he sensed that he won’t make it this time and is saying his farewell to his closest villain.

“Die Hawks, but you don’t get to tell me that I was unlucky,” Twice thought to himself as he started melting. “I was happy being here with them.”

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 267

The action will continue in “Boku no Hero Academia” chapter 267. While Dabi was able to free Twice, the latter did not create as much chaos as he hoped.

This would irk Dabi greatly, who would likely attack Hawks even more fiercely. It’s anybody’s guess how the fight would turn out because even Hawks admitted to himself he’s slightly disadvantaged because his wings are crippled already.

The upcoming “My Hero Academia” chapter 267 will likely feature other fights as well. One possibility is that fans might finally see how Mirko’s fight against the high-end Nomus went.

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