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Michelle Obama show: Sequel to her best-selling memoir? Ex-FLOTUS unveils Netflix documentary ‘Becoming’ to premiere May 6

Michelle Obama in the trailer of “Becoming” documentary | Photo credit: Netflix / YouTube screenshot

People stuck in their homes to quarantine and who also love former United States First Lady Michelle Obama will have something exciting to look forward to next week. She surprised her followers on Monday after announcing a new documentary titled after her best-selling book, “Becoming,” is arriving on Netflix very soon.

Michelle Obama announces surprise new Netflix documentary

The fact that the TV project was announced a little over a week before its premiere just added to its surprise factor. Obama revealed her latest project with Netflix on her social media pages where she also shared a brief promotional trailer.

The said documentary, titled “Becoming,” does not seem like it would follow the typical format that covers biographical facts. This makes sense because that information has been covered in her same title, best-selling memoir. For this reason, the upcoming film on Netflix could film almost like a sequel to her book.

“Becoming” on Netflix, directed by Nadia Hallgren, covers Obama’s book tours where she also conducted several community events to meet groups of young people. “Those months I spent traveling — meeting and connecting with people in cities across the globe — drove home the idea that what we share in common is deep and real and can't be messed with,” the former First Lady said in a statement.

Obama also recognized that releasing the “Becoming” documentary on Netflix on Wednesday, May 6 is perfect timing. “These days, it can be hard to feel grounded or hopeful—but the connections I’ve made with people across America and around the world remind me that empathy can truly be a lifeline,” she wrote in a tweet.

Michelle Obama sold 10 million copies of ‘Becoming’ in just 4 months

Obama’s memoir was released in November 2018. Its content is practically divided into three segments: first, covering her childhood through her work at the law firm where she met President Barack Obama; second, the beginnings of their marriage and start of his political career through becoming the First Lady; lastly, the memoir explores her stories during their eight-year stay at the White House.

The success of “Becoming” has also been living proof of Obama’s popularity even after leaving the White House. In under a month, the memoir sold more than two million copies breaking sale records that year. As of March 2019, just after four months since its publishing, “Becoming’s” sales figures reportedly went up over 10 million.

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