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Michelle Obama: Northern California elementary school honors former FLOTUS by doing this

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Even years after she left the White House, Michelle Obama continues to inspire people everywhere. In a nod to the former FLOTUS, the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board will be renaming the Wilson Elementary school, located in Northern California, to Michelle Obama Elementary School, according to CNN.

The idea of changing the school name came from its PTA when the organization sent a letter to the school’s board. The proposal was met with unanimous support from the school’s students, their parents, and even community leaders.

As explained by the President of the PTA Maisha Cole, the decision to choose Michelle Obama’s name was made because they wanted someone who’s known globally. “We wanted to choose someone on a global level,” Cole said.

“With a new school and new learning environment, we want our children to think beyond Richmond, to think beyond California, and remind them that they can make a difference locally and globally,” Cole explained.

The change in name will also coincide with a brand new school. The elementary school is scheduled to be rebuilt for the 2020-2021 school year.

“We have the opportunity to have a beautiful new school named after a person who really represents our diversity and values,” explained Claudia Velez, the school’s principal. “Our school is diverse, modern and innovative, and the things that the kids will be doing will prepare them for a very strong and successful future in whatever career they choose.”

For Michelle Obama, this isn’t actually the first time that a school was named after her. Back in 2012, a similarly named Michelle Obama Elementary was opened by the Los Angeles Unified School District, according to Express.

There was even a school that was named after the former First Couple. This happened in 2009 when a school in St Paul, Minnesota was renamed Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary.

It has been a while since they left the White House but the Obamas remain one of the most popular personalities in U.S. Michelle, in particular, has left her mark as one of the most influential First Ladies for the role that she created for herself while her husband was still in office.

“What makes Michelle Obama so remarkable is not just that she was the first African-American First Lady (although that is an outstanding feat of its own) but the fact that she created a role for herself outside of her position as Barack Obama’s wife,” Grit Daily wrote.

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