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Meta launches Instagram NFT across 100 countries - Use this to maximize IG likes

Gaining more hearts on Insta shows potential customers or fans that your content is popular. At the same time, it tells IG's algorithm the same thing, which leads to more users seeing your posts and having a chance to like them. In this way, you need to get more likes to get more you can get more likes. But this can be hard in the crowded space of Instagram, mainly as more people use the site to promote NFTs.

Many users are, therefore, unclear of the best way to utilize Meta's recently announced increased NFT support in order to increase their IG hearts. Is it to buy 50 Instagram likes for each NFT post? That is a great way to improve your engagement, but be sure to use other tips to maximize your hearts in the long term:

First, make sure you have your digital wallet for cryptocurrency connected

Insta's NFT functionality, which has now been expanded into more than 100 countries in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, uses a connected digital wallet. Instagram plans to add more wallets in the future, but current options include:

  • MetaMask

  • Rainbow

  • Trust Wallet

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Dapper Wallet

Once the wallet is hooked to your IG account, you have the option to share collectibles while tagging creators and collectors. Your connection to the wallet lets you prove ownership of the NFT you're trying to sell

Set up a dedicated Insta page to show off your NFTs

It's okay also to promote them on your personal Instagram page, but having a page with a fun username that describes the theme will help you reach more IG users and gain more likes. Be sure to create a LinkTree for all your sale links and place it in the description for your NFT page.

Optimize your Insta posts with keywords and hashtags

Even with a large following that you might not have yet, it can be challenging to gain likes or draw attention to your NFTs in the currently crowded Instagram space. NFTs and regular posts can be optimized using a keyword research tool like SemRush or the Google Search Console.

Once you've compiled a list of keywords, enter them into Insta to see which ones are popular hashtags. A word of caution, though – popular hashtags get used a lot, giving you more competition. A strong strategy includes both trendy and much less popular hashtags for the most exposure.

It would help if you also alternated weekly keywords for the same topic and tracked which ones do better using IG analytics. Getting many Instagram likes on your content lets the Insta algorithm know that you're a popular creator or business, and it will respond by placing your posts in more user feeds.

Post more than just NFTs using a social media content calendar

The fact is that some people still don't get or care about NFTs yet, and that's okay. Your Instagram account can have value in other ways, including helping to make you an influencer if that's what you want.

The best strategy is to post about 20 percent of promotional or product IG posts; the rest should be entertaining or informative for your target market. Think about overall branding and how your entertaining or informative content can fit with the subject of your NFTs.

For example, if you post NFTs for your indie films, you might use other content about movies the rest of the time. Again, use analytics to determine which posts do the best so you can create similar images or videos. Also, consider buying Instagram likes for your more popular posts to give them an even more significant boost.

Consider working with an influencer

Insta influencers have large audiences, and one placement in the right influencer's feed can help you gain IG likes and new followers fast – not to mention the exposure for your NFTs. However, finding the right influencer can take time. Use these tips:

  • Create a list of the most popular influencers in the space your NFTs inhabit. So if your NFTs are primarily sports-related, list all the popular sports influencers you can think of. (If you're stuck, you can also consult Google.)

  • Be sure to include influencers with different sizes of platforms. If you only look into the most successful influencers in a space, you may find that they're all out of your price range. However, some smaller influencers (also called micro-influencers) may have more reasonable rates.

  • Choose five or six influencers you believe best fit your account and brand personality, and inquire about their rates.

  • If all these accounts are out of budget, revise your list by seeking out smaller influencer accounts in the same topic area, and try again.

  • When you've landed in the suitable price range, look over each influencer's account and try to find a personality fit – the best match for your target viewer.

  • Make an offer to the best match. Once a potential Insta influencer is identified, try the next best fit if they reject your offer.

  • Be sure to maximize the effects of their post about your content by purchasing some Instagram likes for it and your few most recent posts to keep the IG algorithm working in your favor.

Cross-Promote with other creators

Sometimes even a micro-influencer isn't in your budget yet. Another option is to find similar small Instagram accounts whose owners are looking to grow IG likes and following and ask if they'd like to do a cross-promotion. You can share one of their NFTs, and they share one of yours.

You may even be able to get a group together and create some shared hashtags around your common theme or themes. For example, if you all make NFTs in the literary space, you can seek out current Insta hashtags for book NFTs, plus come up with a few of your own.

Think about your audience's needs

Something ends something begins. Recently we told you that Instagram is closing IGTV, and NFTs are still new and evolving. For many people, they may be very confusing, even after an initial explanation of how NFTs work.

When creating a caption for your NFT post, think about possible questions or concerns a potential buyer might have and try to address these briefly. Your post is more likely to gain many Insta likes if people understand what they're looking at.

In a digital world, sometimes it's okay to be an average human

It's easy to lose yourself or your sense of connection to others in the online spaces. In your ordinary IG posts, consider posting a video or image of yourself, discussing what inspires you and why you hope to use your art or business to reach other people.

Be candid, and if you're known for your sense of humor, you can be funny, too. Let people on Instagram see your flaws and all in their feeds– this will help them find you more relatable and be more willing to double tap that post.

As you continue to post NFTs and grow your account stats, remember that in addition to these tips, buying Insta likes is a great way to boost engagement again whenever you hit a plateau.

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