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Marco Bitran Discusses Why People are Attracted to The Entrepreneurial Life

People choose to become entrepreneurs for many different reasons. According to Boston, MA, entrepreneur Marco Bitran, some people are interested in the financial benefits that can arise from a successful start-up, but others enjoy the freedom their business gives them. Some people enjoy the process of starting a business as much as they do running one.

If you love change and excitement, entrepreneurship might be for you. It is never boring! Entrepreneurs are constantly faced with new problems that they must solve or hurdles that they must jump over. Also, if you like making decisions and impacting the world around you, then entrepreneurship might be right for you. You can even impact your community by starting a non-profit organization.

Here are a few of the most common reasons people are attracted to becoming entrepreneurs.

Their Creativity Doesn't Fit The Corporate Environment

Some people have a lot of creativity and ideas, according to Marco Bitran, but don't know how to utilize them within the corporate system. They see a place for their creativity, but they can't bring themselves to force those ideas into what already exists at their current job. What do those people do? They become entrepreneurs and start companies that utilize their ideas.

Opportunity To Do Something Different Than Their Current Job

Another common reason is that many employees want to try something new and different than what they are currently doing in their lives. Marco Bitran says it could be as simple as not wanting to go back to school or as complex as wanting a fresh start somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, becoming an entrepreneur allows them to take control.

They Don't Want The Nine to Five Lifestyle

Some people don't want the traditional nine to five life. They see that as a life of being stuck in a rut and not progressing.

While some entrepreneurs have very successful businesses, according to Marco Bitran, about half of all new businesses fold within two years. If you plan on starting your own business, make sure it is something you enjoy doing because they aren't always fun!

They Love Learning New Things

Some people love to be constantly learning new things. They want something new every day, and they find a job too boring because it doesn't offer anything new. If this sounds like you, entrepreneurship is perfect for you!

They Want To Have A Greater Impact On the Community

Some people have a lot of great ideas that could help out their community in some way. Usually, only government organizations or large organizations with lots of money can do these projects. Still, entrepreneurs can start their non-profit organizations and impact the community on a smaller scale.

They Started With Nothing And Made It Big

Finally, some entrepreneurs started at the bottom and worked themselves up to the top by starting from nothing and making something of themselves through hard work and determination. They want to share that opportunity with others.

Some People Want To Be Their Own Boss

Some entrepreneurs want to be the boss of themselves. They don't like someone telling them what they can and can't do or where they must be every day.

They Want Financial Independence

Others don't feel secure with their current jobs. They feel they can never go back if they quit because of their employer's strength, so they might as well take a risk with entrepreneurship and make it big! There are always possibilities when you are an entrepreneur.

Respect And Recognition For Their Work

Some people don't feel like they get enough respect for their work from other people. They don't feel valued, and they want to be recognized more. Sometimes this can lead them to become entrepreneurs hoping that people will recognize them for what they do.

They Have Unconventional Ideas

Some people have the most unconventional ideas. They realize that big companies don't always do things in unconventional ways, so they might as well become an entrepreneur and try something new.

So many people want to become entrepreneurs because of all of these different reasons. If one or more of these categories pertain to you, entrepreneurship could be a great option for you.

They Want to Drive The Company Vision

Some entrepreneurs start companies because they want to be in control of their vision. They know what they are doing and what they want, so why not take that knowledge and put it into action?

They Can Make Money Doing What They Love

Finally, some entrepreneurs don't care about making a difference with their company; instead, many do it because there is money involved. This is the wrong reason to start a company. If no one reads your blog, you can’t make money off ads and it won’t be impactful.

They Want To Test The Entrepreneurial Waters

Some entrepreneurs want to try out entrepreneurship and see what it is like. It might be because they have always wanted to run their own business or don't know exactly what career path they want, so why not become entrepreneurs? This way, you can figure everything out!

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs. Some want to be their own boss, others love learning new things, or they want to have a greater impact on the community. Entrepreneurship is perfect for some people, but not for others. If you have a well thought out idea, and the time and capacity to do so, then why not take a chance?

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