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Lufthansa to increase flights to S. Korea as pandemic passes its peak

South Korea is an important market for Lufthansa, being the world's 12th largest economy.

Lufthansa Group Airlines will increase the number of flights between German cities and Incheon and, as Europe's coronavirus outbreak appears to have passed its peak.

On June 24, Lufthansa resumed three weekly flights from Incheon to Munich.

The pandemic halted Lufthansa's two routes to Incheon from Frankfurt and Munich in mid-March due to the coronavirus.

The Incheon-Frankfurt route is expected to normalize once the travel restrictions in the EU are eased.

According to Alejandro Arias, GM of Lufthansa's South Korean operations, they are happy to serve their Korean customers again and are satisfied with the level of demand.

He added that as circumstances allow, they will increase weekly flights between the two countries.

Arias did divulge how many passengers availed of the Incheon-Munich flights a week.

The GM acknowledged that South Korea is an important market for them, being the world's 12th largest economy, and sees it as the perfect market to drive Lufthansa's vision is to be a leader in innovation and digitalization.

There are current; ly no Korean airlines offering Incheon-Munich route flights for now.

Lufthansa was among the first European airlines to resume flights to and from South Korea in June.

In mid-March, Lufthansa suspended all flights from Incheon to Frankfurt and Munich due to the pandemic-induced drop in travel demand.

Polish Airlines and Turkish Airlines also resumed flights in June, followed by Air France and Finnair in July.

LM Royal Dutch Airlines continued to offer flights between the Netherlands and South Korea during the pandemic.

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