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Leo Olsen Guillot Shares Three Marketing Tips That Helped Him Promote His Brand Successfully

Leo Olsen Guillot has achieved more at 21 years old than most people would in their lifetime. He is best known for the immense success of, which he acquired for $275,000 in 2018. helped aspiring entrepreneurs by building recurring revenues and generating leads. A year later, he sold it for $600,000.

Leo has already built a seven-figure empire at a young age. His hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm to learn new marketing techniques keep him ahead of his peers. He is always looking forward to implementing new marketing plans in both of his businesses. Today, he shares three tips that he thinks changed his companies' fortunes.

1. Leveraging his personal brand

Leo studied the likes of Kylie Jenner and Dan Bilzerian who had successfully built a billion-dollar cosmetic empire just by leveraging their personal brands. He questioned himself that if they could achieve such fruitful returns, why couldn't he? And so, Leo started building an engaged audience. He wanted his target audience to buy his products only if they could relate to him and his story.

Leo believes that you can sell any product or service if you can build your personal brand. Apart from Kylie Jenner and Dan Bilzerian, he was mightily impressed by Gary Vaynerchuk's work, the VaynerMedia man who built a $150 million revenue business empire solely by leveraging his personal brand. It helped him sell wine, sneakers, and also earn thousands from his coaching gigs.

2. Investing in paid ads

Paid ads only work temporarily. This is a myth that drives many entrepreneurs away from investing in paid ads. On the contrary, it's one of the reasons why Leo became famous. He wasn't afraid of putting his dollar into paid traffic, as long as they provided satisfactory results. Leo thinks that paid ads are significantly underpriced because people don't want to make the most of their opportunities. He not only used paid ads but also built sales funnels to generate revenue for his businesses.

Leo suggests that if someone wants to follow in his footsteps, they should scale and re-engineer their sales funnels. This is because you can't use the same funnel at every stage of your promotional campaign. Make sure you continue to scale the progress as you change a part of your sales funnel to understand the difference in the results.

3. Retargeting his audience

Leo never gave up on cold targets. Instead, he retargeted them to ensure they became potential leads. He would try to make at least 6 to 8 impressions to convert a cold target into a potential customer. According to Leo, these touch-points can mold a person who is unaware of your product or service into your buying journey, thus improving your sales volume. The more you coax cold targets, the more touch-point opportunities you create to convert these targets into customers.

By mastering these strategies and striving to adapt to current trends, Leo has been able to build a successful marketing agency. Today, he works as a social media marketing specialist to various companies.

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