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Kanbanize: Visualizing Your Work Like No Other

Running a small business from home is easier thanks to tech and gadgets available today. You don’t have to share an office space to work with others too, especially since everything can be done in the cloud and communicating with team members is easier than ever.

Despite the many tools and technologies currently available, there are still challenges to tackle when you are operating your business from home. Project management – and organizing resources and people associated with that project – is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Since the growth and success of your business depends on how well you complete clients’ projects, knowing how to be immensely efficient with project management is a must. This is where the Kanban system and Kanbanize come in handy.

What is Kanban?

The concept behind Kanban system is incredibly simple. You basically use a board divided into sections. In the simplest version of a Kanban system, those sections are: To Do, Doing, Done. As your organization becomes more complex, you can adjust the Kanban board to better suit your operations.

The board is only the basics. You also need Kanban cards; the cards represent the individual task you need to complete as part of the project or other business operations. The card can represent anything from a meeting that needs to be conducted to a report that needs to be complied at the end of the project.

At this point, you should be able to see how the Kanban system can help you organize projects better. You start by adding Kanban cards to the To Do section of the board. The cards can have as many details as you like, including details about the team members responsible for the task.

As each section in the business handles the tasks assigned to them, the Kanban cards get moved accordingly. What you end up with is a visual representation of the project and its progress. The more details you include, the better you will be able to keep track of everything.

Kanban in the Cloud

The Kanban system was invented by Toyota years ago, but the basic principles remain the same until today. Companies that implement the Kanban approach are now benefiting from improved efficiency and the ability to always keep track of tasks in great details.

You can amplify the benefits of integrating the Kanban system into your workflow by using technology rather than good old whiteboard and cards. Kanbanize is a web app designed to make the Kanban system easier to integrate by bringing the entire system to the modern age. It is a Kanban Software that you can use right out of the box.

As soon as you create a Kanbanize account, you get your own whiteboard with sections that can be adjusted accordingly. You can then create cards and place them on the board; as soon as you are done with this step, you immediately get a clear picture of the tasks in hand.

Since Kanbanize runs in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about synchronizing multiple devices and keeping team members updated with the latest tasks. All you need to do is add those members to the Kanban board software and you can begin collaborating on projects.

There are additional features that also help boost efficiency and effectiveness too. The advanced Kanban software comes equipped with tracking metrics, immense flexibility, and added tools for different types of businesses and organizations. The flexible Kanban software is easy to integrate with most workflows.

How Kanban Handles Issues

The Kanban system and the Kanban software online really shine when you start experiencing issues in your workflow. Since every task is displayed in a visual way, you can quickly identify tasks that are not progressing the way they should. The Kanban tracking software also allows you to take precautionary actions to prevent bigger issues from materializing.

This is why Toyota was able to dominate the market for so long. Toyota may not have the Kanban software tool like Kanbanize, but the system still worked in helping the company identify potential issues in their manufacturing lines. They were able to replace parts, deal with other disruptions, and maintain smooth production operations at all times.

Now that you have Kanban software with metrics, you can really push the benefits of using the Kanban system to new heights. By tracking the amount of time needed to complete a repeated task, for instance, you have the information you need to make adjustments and improve the workflow as a whole. The insights you need are already there in the virtual Kanban software.

Integrating Kanban into Your Workflow

Making the switch to a Kanban system isn’t as difficult as you think. Once again, Kanbanize makes the whole process of implementing the Kanban system easy thanks to its flexible features and ease of use. Known as the best Kanban software, Kanbanize puts emphasis on making features like card and board management very easy to access.

Kanbanize is also unique in another respect - support for hierarchies and business rules. This means you can use the online Kanban software to keep track of multiple projects. You can also assign different tasks to the same team members and maintain their maximum operational efficiency. More importantly, everything is organized and visualized for easy tracking.

Adding business rules is even more beneficial. Instead of adding tasks manually, you can set up a series of if-this-then-that rules to automate your Kanban system. This is what really separates Kanbanize as a Kanban workflow software with other similar tools available on the market. You can set up complex rules and let team members glide from one task to the next without disruptions.

Make the Switch

The true benefits of Kanban system and using a software for Kanban are obvious. The approach is tested and proven, and it suits businesses of different natures and scales perfectly. All you need to do now is make that leap and start implementing the Kanban system as part of your operations. It will take some getting used to, but the boost in efficiency and effectiveness is difficult to miss once you have Kanbanize at your fingertips.

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