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Kakao gearing up for the August debut of its new subscription-based content platform

Photo by: Kakao/Facebook

Kakao is reportedly launching its newest subscription-based content platform. The company is said to be bringing out the platform in August and currently, it is being tested.

What the Kakao’s new content platform is about

As per The Korea Herald, Kakao said on Thursday, June 17, that it is running a closed beta test of the still-unnamed platform and its content partners are taking part in the test run. While it does not have an official name yet, it was revealed that once it is active, users can do a lot on the site such as create, edit and publish the content in different formats including music, texts, videos and news.

Content creators or users of the platform also have the option to pick the content they want and subscribe to it through KakaoTalk. It will also be easy to link the content created to other Kakao services like Content View, Daum News, KakaoTV, Tistory and Brunch.

Users can use the platform for free but later on, Kakao will introduce paid services as well as advertisements. This means that to avail of types of services, there will be subscription plans after the launch.

“Unlike other feed-style platforms, Kakao will introduce a new way of creating and supplying content,” Kakao co-CEO, Joh Su Yong, said last year. “Anyone can be content creators and curators through our platform.”

Kakao’s grocery subscription service

Meanwhile, the platform is not the only subscription service that Kakao is launching. Aju Business Daily reported that the company also released a grocery subscription service through KakaoTalk, the leading messenger app in South Korea.

This will provide convenience to users as they can subscribe to various services ranging from everyday essentials to lifestyle services. Customers can choose to avail of Kakao’s subscription services including laundry pick-up, grocery delivery, reservations for travel needs and many more. The company is targeting to gather 46 million active users.

"We have developed this service as a medium that will not only have customers buy and own products but also vibrantly change our customers' everyday lives," an official from Kakao said.

Finally, it should be noted that there is no need to install a separate app because users can use this subscription service just by using their existing Kakao Talk app.

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