IBM's Chief of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Sets Mammoth Targets for Bitcoin Price

Companies like IBM have time and again laid emphasis on the facts of cryptocurrency prospects and have promoted the integration of Blockchain based system with the conventional business environments, such as banking, trade finance, supply chain management system etc.

The renowned multinational IT giant, IBM processed overseas payments on the Stellar network deploying Stronghold USD which has been a stable coin pegged to the U.S. dollar.

The head of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at IBM, Jesse Lund has now expected the price of Bitcoin to hit $1 million.

He expects Bitcoin price likely to shoot up by the end of the year. He perceived cryptocurrencies by stating “I think it’s going to be higher. I’ll go with $5,000.”He continued to emphasize on stellar (XLM) too and bitcoin and blockchain together to revolutionize financial markets when briefing about economic prosperities.

Lund divulged his broader perspective of Bitcoin price targets in the long-term at the recent Think Conference, the price of BTC will skyrocket to seven-digit figures, says in an interview with Fred Schebesta.

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly BTC spot index is flashing at 49 (which is bullish), while hourly USD spot index was at -31 (mildly bearish) at 07:35 GMT.

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