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Students often find themselves in need of help with completing their papers. Intricate essay instructions or lack of understanding of what it takes to write an A paper can cost even good students a lot of time and nerves. On the other hand, buying a paper online is costly, especially when it comes to lengthy papers. Today, we are going to look at the pros and cons of the service which helps students write great essays and doesn’t cost them a penny.

About offers practical advice on writing all types of academic papers. They have comprehensive and detailed writing guides which cover all aspects of writing a paper, from doing research to formatting and referencing. The resource offers an abundance of these guides for writing each particular paper type in most academic disciplines. There is also the Topics and Ideas section where the students can find a selection of great topics for each discipline. And to illustrate the writing principles, they also have lots of essay samples you can take a look at to find inspiration.

The Service Features

Like many other students, you probably have lots of questions about writing your essays. Should you use quotes and how? Which structure should you use for a research paper? How to edit the essay effectively? The writing guides of have answers to these and many other questions. You can simply open the relevant article and start writing, following the hands-on steps and pieces of advice.

The website has a plain sleek design and is convenient to use. Students can look up for the needed resources by categories (writing guides, topics, and samples) or academic disciplines. The number of academic disciplines they offer writing advice for is impressive – English Literature, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, Information Technology and more. Each writing guides covers the peculiarities of paper writing for a specific subject, helping the student better meet the expectations of their professors.

This service has a mission of helping students write better essays by offering practical pieces of advice. So, even if writing isn’t your cup of tea, the simple and detailed directions the website offers will help you submit a good paper. is not a custom writing service, and all articles and resources you can find on the website are free of charge. Whereas the writing companies are often expensive, this resource allows all students to enhance their writing skills and build knowledge on a particular academic discipline. Students get access to the most recent and perfectly organized paper writing advice and they don’t have to pay for it since sharing helpful knowledge is the philosophy of the service.

The top feature of this resource is its paper writing guides. They offer detailed advice on writing certain types of papers, including tips, writing steps, and sample topics. Thus, you no longer have to browse the web looking for answers to all your questions about essays – everything is available in one place. They also share the peculiarities of writing for different academic subjects, making you 100% prepared to all writing challenges. Top 6 Free Benefits

  1. All writing resources in one place. Comprehensive writing guides, samples, and additional resources are collected in one website, making it a helpful go-to option;
  2. The abundance of disciplines. Students can find advice about writing papers for nearly any academic discipline, including complex ones;
  3. Easy to use. The website structure makes it easy to browse through disciplines and categories, saving your time and effort;
  4. Thesis statement generator. It helps students summarize the main idea or point of their essay based on their arguments;
  5. Bibliography generator. This tool eases the boring process of referencing, helping students create correct reference lists for their papers;
  6. Extra features that include plagiarism checker, words-to-minutes speech converter and words-to-pages converter. offers a collection of resources for academic writing – ideas of topics, writing guides and samples. These pieces of advice help students understand what’s expected from them in college and write an effective paper. The website has writing guides for an abundance of academic disciplines, and all this information is free of charge. If you are looking to make your essays better without paying anyone, consider using this service.

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