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How to sell my mobile phone for highest cash before Christmas 2020

Selling your old mobile phone before Christmas can help you get some quick cash. Here are some helpful tips to make the most from your old handset.

With the festive season of Christmas around the corner, it can be tempting to buy a new mobile phone for yourself. However, when you buy a new one, the old handset can become redundant. Instead of keeping it in your closet or throwing it away in the garbage, you can sell it to earn a decent amount. It can also help you cover the partial cost of your new handset. You can always expect some money in return irrespective of the condition of your mobile phone.

Getting some quick cash will also give you a good feeling. In this article, we will take a look at how you can sell mobile phones for a decent amount before Christmas 2020.

How much is my old mobile phone worth?

How There are several factors like brand, model, age, and condition that determine the exact amount you will receive on your old device. You can expect to receive a decent amount in return if you have kept your handset in good condition. The amount will not be much if you have a broken or damaged handset. If you want to improve the prospects of getting a good value, do not forget to add the original accessories and the box.

What amount can I expect in case of locked mobile phones?

Carried locked mobile phones will always fetch you a lower price than unlocked ones. With an unlocked device, you can insert any SIM card of your choice to operate the mobile phone. For buyers to use a locked handset, they will have to use the particular network it supports. This factor makes locked phones less desirable. If you have a locked handset, trying to unlock it might not make much sense keeping in mind the hassle involved.

How to prepare your old handset for selling

Now that you have decided to get rid of your old handset, it is time to give it a nice wipe and clean thoroughly to get rid of dust and grime. You can then click multiple pictures from various angles in the best light. Do not forget to click photos of the original box and accessories as it will help you make a good impression. It will become easy for the buyer to make a decision when you advertise everything upfront. If there are any shortcomings with your device, mention that as well in the advertisement to avoid issues later.

How to package the old mobile phone

At this stage, charge the handset completely and turn it on and off to check if the handset is working fine. Take the original box and add all the accessories to it. You will make a good impression in front of the buyer when you do this. You can use the packaging that you receive from the buyer, in case you opt for specialist companies. You can send your phone with the help of postal details and use the tracking number of the package to stay updated. Opt for a postal service that provides insurance protection.

Where to sell my mobile for the highest price

Wondering how to sell my mobile for top cash? Selling your old handset to a specialist mobile buying company like Rapid Phone Buyers will be your best choice if you are looking to get the maximum value. We make buying a very convenient process so that you can receive cash in quickest possible time. It is more convenient to even sell broken phone to us considering the hassle involved in other methods.

When you list your handset on marketplaces or find individual buyers offline, it can always be a hassle to get the best price. Furthermore, you will also end up losing a lot of time if it takes a while trying to sell your old mobile phone. We deal in all sorts of mobile phones, so it doesn’t matter whether you own Apple, Samsung, or any other brand in the market. The condition of your handset also is not important as we buy them all and give you the best price. Contact us today to know more about our services.

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