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How is Temu Different From Shein?

Temu is a multi-category e-commerce platform dedicated to giving customers access to high-quality goods at competitive costs to satisfy their wide range of demands. As a third-party online marketplace, Temu serves as a host for merchants' stores and as a bridge between them and customers.

On the other hand, fast fashion retailer Shein procures its own line of merchandise from wholesale manufacturers under its main brand Shein, as well as under its own sub-brands Dazy, SheGlam, Petsin, Motf, and more.

“First of all, what is Shein?”

Shein is currently the largest online fashion retailer in the world as well as the fastest-growing online shopping platform, valued at USD 100 million as of April 2022. The shopping app caters to consumers in more than 220 countries, and is currently the second most-downloaded shopping app with 157 million downloads as of 2021.

As the retailer of wholesale manufactured goods, Shein bears responsibility for the designs, quality, and safety of the products listed on its site, many of which have come under scrutiny since 2018.

On average, Shein releases 2,000 new items on its sites per day from its suppliers, spread across numerous sub-brands, which leads to problems with product safety, quality control, and intellectual property rights through association with the company’s manufacturers.

Apart from its IP infringement cases, Shein had been subject to multiple criticisms due to offensive imagery, human rights violations in its factories, and health and safety violations on its products, which have been found to contain lead among other hazardous materials.

Overall, Shein is a fast fashion company that focuses on releasing a great deal of SKUs and product listings per day. The retailer leverages on Tiktok for its marketing to reach a wider, younger audience demographic, but its suppliers do not pass muster in terms of safety, quality, and ethics.

“How is Temu any different from Shein, or other online retailers?”

Temu works differently from Shein, despite being an online marketplace for various goods, including fashion items. The way Temu works is by opening its platform for manufacturers and merchants, majority of which work with some of the top and renowned brands in the world, and are members of the Nasdaq-listed PDD e-commerce and fulfillment ecosystem.

This means that merchants and manufacturers on Temu have the responsibility to ensure their products are ethical, safe, and of good quality. While Temu is the link between buyers and sellers, the platform ensures the safety of its users and its workers by scanning through the quality, safety, and intellectual property rights of each manufacturer on the site.

Unlike Shein, Temu does not employ or directly purchase goods from its manufacturers, and instead maintains a beneficial relationship with suppliers, working with merchants who support the same values as Temu when it comes to quality, product safety, intellectual property rights, and ethics.

Temu’s standards demand that the products offered on its site are created in a manner that safeguards product safety, the environment, and the inherent human dignity of workers as well as designers. Temu only engages with suppliers that meet the safety and quality standards of the industry.

Temu requires suppliers to consistently monitor, uphold, and improve upon these criteria in order to meet or surpass our requirements and those of its users. Not only that, but Temu works to assure consumers that purchasing products from the site come with no ill-effects. Temu is committed to bringing only the highest-quality products at competitive prices.

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