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How Technology Is Rebuilding Automotive Industry?

We all know that technologies are the inseparable part of the automotive industries. Without technological support, the industry would have not covered the milestone they are at now.

It is due to the technologies that we can hope for futuristic cars that we see in science fiction movies. As we are moving towards the future, and we are looking at the cars more like a companion than just a mode of transportation.

The car we are using in the 21st century is all embedded with high sensitivity sensors. These sensors help to increase the security level of the transport and make it easier to be traceable.

In recent years, there has been new technology, Blockchain, that has made quite a name of itself in the other major industry. People are thinking of the blockchain technologies in the Automotive industry to track every movement of the automotive for security purposes.

Blockchain establishing itself in Automotive Industry

The clearest sign that the automotive industry has shown to the world of adopting blockchain technology is perhaps the launch of the MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative). This network brought some of the major brands of the automotive industry together. Some of the brands that are part of the MOBI are BMW, RENAULT, and FORD.

There was a two-day colloquium held in 2019 in the BMW IT group in Munich, where all the members of the MOBI group were present. They were all there to promote the uses of the blockchain technology in their system to make their businesses more productive.

The main purpose of the MOBI was to bring all the automotive brands on one platform and make them work together to produce best product that not only is eco-friendly but also improves the quality of life.

What Blockchain can offer to the Automotive industry?

The automotive industry has always kept an eye on the new technologies to implement in their automotive technology to provide the best end-user experiences to the customers. In the same way, Blockchain can bring out new possibilities from the security perspectives.

Blockchain in car manufacturing

The automotive industry is divided into several fragments, and to your surprise, the blockchain technology can be implemented in every fragment individually.

  1. SCM

SCM stands for the supply chain management. Supply chain management plays an important part in the automotive industry. It is the only part of the management that spent most of the time with the product before it reached to its customers. There have been times when the parts re lost, damaged, or stolen. To overcome this kind of circumstance, blockchain can help you to track every part of the car from manufacturing to delivery.

  1. Manufacturing processes

There is just too much data to process for the automotive industry in a single day. Starting from the manufacturing to the building. It becomes very hard to store the data safely in one place. But with the help of the blockchain technology, you use the public ledger network to store all your information.

  1. Finances

There are sensitive data like the cash flow of the company, business transactions and other documentation. All can be streamlined with the help of blockchain technology.

  1. Data security

If its data security, then who can do a better job than the blockchain itself. With irreversible encryption, you can encode any data without any worry.

  1. Smart insurance

Blockchain technology will help you to log in to the vehicle data in the times of any kind of crisis. It will act as a black box and provide the necessary information in time like an accident to avail of the insurance money.


We have just gnome through some of the best aspects of the blockchain technology that can be implemented in the automotive industry. With that, we can certainly say that the future of the automotive is about to change for good. However, we are yet to gauge the full potential of the blockchain.

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