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How Multilingual White Paper Can Increase ICO Visibility

Most startups develop a business plan which they use to guide their own operations but, as well, to provide potential investors or financial institutions with detailed information about everything from goals to market viability, and projections of revenue.

Cryptocurrency startups have white papers. These are documents crafted by the founders for the same purpose – attracting investors, buyers, and users. The paper is supposed to provide all of the information that anyone would want to know about a currency.

It’s a Global Matter

By their very nature, cryptocurrencies are global affairs. No crypto has ever made it without gaining lots of visibility and appealing to a large international audience. And the smart founder(s) will understand that translating their White Paper into many languages will increase that visibility exponentially.

Getting to a Great Translation

It begins with a well-written white paper in the native language, let’s say in English. Remember, a White Paper will contain sections that deal with financial, commercial, and technological details – details that a reader can understand, especially when translated into their language.

There are a few key tips when crafting a white paper that will ultimately be translated:

  1. Keep the Language and the Structure Simple

This is not only important for native language readers, but it will be crucial as you look to translate the paper into other languages. The structure is important too. The information should be in small chunks, so that it can be absorbed easily. Long walls of text have never kept readers engaged. You may want to produce a rough draft of your white paper and send it to a writing service for review, editing, and polishing. Check out Rewarded Essays, Supreme Dissertations, or Flash Essay - solid agencies with business writing departments.

  1. Start with the Non-Technical Information

There’s a lot of technology behind cryptocurrencies, and most investors or users are not techies. When you do get to the section on the technology, make sure that you keep it as simple as possible and yet provide enough so that techie readers can grasp it. And as you look to getting a translator, you will need one with the technical expertise to render a solid translation. You might want to check out Is Accurate, a translation service review site that provides summaries and evaluations of the top agencies.

  1. Use Visuals and Graphics

Visuals say things so much better than words. They show rather than tell. Charts and graphs have important uses in white papers. And the beauty of using those visuals and graphics is that they can be translated far easier than can volumes of text that readers have to dig through for information and data. And stuff is always lost during translation.

  1. Remember – It’s About Finance

You do want to touch upon the technology of your new offering, but because most investors and buyers are not techies, you should use broad strokes rather than lots of detail. This, too, will make that section easier to translate.

But the key is financial. People want to know what your projections are, how you arrived at those projections – why you believe your forecasts are correct. And will you have a market cap? Is your crypto connected to a fiat currency? These are the details that will most important to your readers

  1. Inspire Confidence and Trust

There is a personal side to and ICO white paper. Readers want to know who you are, what your background is, and how you came to the decision to launch a crypto. What unique talents do you and your team bring to the table? Especially when you are dealing with a foreign audience, you need to inspire trust.

The other way to gain trust is to encourage communication with your readers. Have in place the methods for them to contact you with questions and issues. And have a translator on hand who can quickly turn those questions into your native language for your quick response.

It All Begins with a Stunning Native Language White Paper

Nothing will go well in translating an ICO white paper unless the native language document is perfect.

Most crypto techies and entrepreneurs are not skilled in crafting such a white paper and should look for assistance, not just in the text but in crafting graphical representations which are clear and easy to interpret. Agencies like Get Good Grade and Hot Essay Service have great graphic designers. And if you need to cite references as a part of your documentation, check out Citatior, where you will find skilled experts in this area.

International Visibility is Not an Option

Every crypto that has “made it” has an international base of investors and buyers. And these investors and buyers want to see a white paper that lays it all out simply and precisely. If they have to struggle because that white paper is not in their language, they will tire of it and look for investment opportunities elsewhere. And, they will never share such a white paper with their colleagues. Getting yours translated into target languages for foreign investors is simply the right move.

Pauline Farris is a professional Translator with a Masters in Translation Studies. As a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, she has been working in translations for over eight years for big translation companies. She currently also works as an editor for RatedByStudents and TopWritersReview where she helps people make their best out of their essays.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or management of EconoTimes.

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