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Herbalife Reviews Reveal Positive Experiences Working at the Company

Herbalife Nutrition is one of the better-known nutrition companies in the world, with millions of customers enjoying their products every day. As a leader in the health and wellness space, the company is also committed to improving the wellbeing of its employees, investing in their success while providing resources for better nutrition, and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

As a global company, Herbalife Nutrition offers a wide range of job opportunities around the globe. Team members may join as a packaging technician, a member of departments such as marketing, IT, or HR, or even as a microbiologist and other advanced roles. In fact, the company currently has more than 300 scientists on staff, over 50 who are PhDs.

With all the different positions available at the company, one might expect highly varied employee reviews. But based on testimonials, third-party assessments, and awards, employees are happy working at Herbalife Nutrition.

What’s It Like Working at Herbalife Nutrition?

Some employees use Herbalife Nutrition as a stepping stone into the career of their choice. From interns to junior managers, they come through the Herbalife Nutrition doors, picking up valuable skills and experience along the way. What many do not foresee, however, is that they end up staying with Herbalife Nutrition for years – and even decades – because it encompasses what they were looking for from a job.

Herbalife Nutrition sometimes creates new positions based on an employee’s outside knowledge and experience. This is true for Jennifer Guran, Herbalife Nutrition’s Director of Sports Marketing and Alliances. Her sports career began when she received an internship with a professional baseball team directly out of college. Once there, she started a job working as a sponsorship coordinator with Herbalife Nutrition. She mentioned this career not only allows her to work in sports but her role enables her to create a positive impact, which was her original goal. Today, she works with professional athletes on various community projects around the world.

Jennifer’s position seems like a perfect match. After all, her passion for sports and serving communities reflect what Herbalife Nutrition values: promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and changing people’s lives.

Another first-person account from an Herbalife Nutrition employee comes from Pamela Jones Harbour, a member of the company’s legal team. Harbour is the Senior Vice President and Legal Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, as well as a Global Member Compliance and Privacy Officer. Her role directly influences the way the public sees and interacts with the company.

Harbour had a dedicated law career before working with Herbalife Nutrition, which eventually led her to a position as the Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). So, how did she move from a prestigious federal legal position to Herbalife Nutrition? After serving as the FTC commissioner for nearly seven years, she found out about Herbalife Nutrition and joined the team. As someone who values consistency and ethics, her goal is to create transparency and uphold compliance over the 94 markets Herbalife Nutrition serves.

A Service-Based Culture

Herbalife Nutrition’s success stories are not solely among their corporate team, however. The company fosters community engagement at every level. One of their main goals is to show that every person they encounter can live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But corporations with the means to help others achieve this lifestyle can and should support such goals. Therefore, Herbalife Nutrition is, at its core, a service-based culture that gives back to its community through company-wide initiatives, service projects, and events.

Herbalife Nutrition is all about giving people access to nutrition, which includes developing high-quality nutritional supplements for consumers, as well as supporting underserved communities. Herbalife Nutrition’s corporate social responsibility initiatives include the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, in addition to the work of the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF). The Zero Hunger initiative aims to end world hunger through global partnerships, product donations, nutrition education, and volunteering and awareness efforts. HNF’s Casa Herbalife Nutrition program provides funding to orphanages, hospitals, schools, and other organizations each year, providing nourishment and resources to needy areas around the world. Both initiatives seek to increase the quality of life among some of the world’s most fragile groups and underserved communities.

Many Herbalife Nutrition employees share the value of giving back and making a difference. Over the years, many have participated in blood drives hosted by the company in partnership with the American Red Cross, volunteered at Casa Herbalife Nutrition and partner events, or helped rally support and donations for communities in need.

Herbalife Nutrition Has Been Recognized as a Superior Workplace

Community service and the feeling of being part of a more significant cause are undoubtedly part of employee retention and a positive workplace. And, of course, seeing the efforts that companies put into making lives better worldwide is an indication of a company’s ethics. Still, it does not tell a whole story—which is why third-party business assessments and accolades provide valuable insights. Throughout their offices around the world, Herbalife Nutrition has consistently risen to the top of midsized employer ratings domestically and internationally.

Herbalife Nutrition was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers for Women, showing its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Similarly, the company received a place on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Midsize Employers in 2018.

Herbalife Nutrition’s accolades are not only in the U.S. Mexico’s leading business magazine, Expansión, ranked Herbalife Nutrition Mexico as #32 among their list of 79 “Super Companies.” Similarly, Herbalife Nutrition South Africa earned the Top Employers Institute’s “Certified Top Employer” designation.

Top Employers Institute is a global organization that investigates workplaces around the world to showcase the best places to work. Top Employers Institute said the following about Herbalife Nutrition’s designation,

“Our comprehensive independent research revealed that Herbalife International South Africa provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organization, and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimize its employment practices and to develop its employees.”

Additionally, Herbalife Nutrition Croatia achieved the “Employer Partner Certificate” from SELECTIO Group Croatia. This certificate is a highly sought-after, prestigious recognition that honors excellence in human resource management. SELECTIO is the leading consulting group in Croatia that provides companies with strategic human resources planning and consulting. SELECTIO started the Employer Partner Project over 15 years ago with “a mission of promoting quality human resource management” in workforces across Croatia. Aleksandar Zemunić, a member of the Management Board of SELECTIO, awarded the Employer Partner Certificate to Nina Šebečić Crnolatac, the Director of Herbalife Nutrition Croatia, in 2017.

A company is only as good as its employee satisfaction. Although these awards offer insight into what goes on behind the scenes, the testimony of employees is often the most accurate way to understand a company, including the type of workplace they provide for their employees.

Employee Reviews Speak for Themselves

Fortunately for aspiring employees—and the consistently growing company—the employee reviews at Herbalife Nutrition match its international acclaim. Popular employment review websites, including Glassdoor and Indeed, show a sense of comradery and satisfaction with their workplace position. On Indeed, the company holds a 4.2/5 star review, which includes past employees with varying opinions about the workplace culture.

On Glassdoor, employees show an average 87% approval rating of the company’s CEO and a 75% recommendation for employment. Although one might passively scrutinize the below-90% ratings, reaching a rating higher than 90% on these sites is tough. These ratings are similar to many of the scores of Glassdoor’s top-performing companies, including Edward Jones (with a 72% recommendation rate), Intel (with an 87% approval rating of their CEO), and Bristol Meyers Squibb, who—with a 3.9-star rating and a designation in Glassdoor’s top-100 companies—has the same star rating as Herbalife Nutrition.

Keeping in mind that disgruntled employees will often leave a one-star review on any company’s profile on these sites, rather than taking the time to actively evaluate what they liked and what the company could improve upon, Herbalife Nutrition fares very well.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the actual testimonials on employee-oriented sites like Glassdoor.

Herbalife truly cares about the health of the customer, distributor and employee!

Great benefits -- particularly for those who display longevity in the company, high pay for the title, comfortable chairs, and air-conditioned offices.

One of the most written-about perks of working with Herbalife Nutrition is the obvious wellness benefits provided by the company. Employees regularly receive free products and health education even among contracting positions, and employees receive competitive insurance rates, gym memberships, and more. Additionally, the workplace atmosphere and sense of community seem to be the perfect place to foster optimal mental health conditions.

This is the best job I’ve ever had! I can work at my own pace. There’s an extreme room for growth. Compensation is great, even at part-time work. The products help you lose, gain, or build muscle weight. Tremendous support from upper management. The company will guide you to start your own business!

It’s a great place to work and grow. They have great supervisors very nice and friendly. Bonuses and raises every year depending on how well you’ve done throughout the year. And a Christmas party every year as well. It’s a nice place to work.

I was able to grow and develop my sales skills. I learned valuable lessons about customer relationship management as well as account management. This was a learning environment for me.

Employees also frequently discuss the company’s internal growth opportunities. Among salaried and hourly employees alike, growth in the workplace is one of the most important motivating factors for staying at a job. It is what often drives performance at all levels since employees feel as though their work contributes to the greater good and improves their likelihood of a salary increase. It increases workplace efforts, but it also increases employee retention—something that saves money over the long run.

Herbalife is a super fun and relaxed company to work for. You get to meet a lot of people. The most enjoyable part of the job is knowing that you are doing your job and at the same time helping others be healthy and meeting their targeted weight goal.

Finally, and most uniquely, Herbalife’s workplace standards focus on a sense of community and friendship, which is something that many employees write about on job review boards like Indeed and Glassdoor. As well as being able to grow within a company, employees also feel as though they can foster friendship (and, for some, even family) within the company’s workplace. This makes employees love their workplace and want to return, further boosting retention rates. Herbalife Nutrition strives to achieve this sense of community through its training, workplace initiatives, and global culture. Health is their focus, and one of the most significant motivating factors behind health success is having the support of others with whom you are close.

The Overall Consensus? Herbalife Nutrition is a Good Place to Work.

The average person can rarely visit a company’s Glassdoor or Indeed profiles without being met with overwhelming accounts of specific company issues. Call centers often receive complaints about training. Fast food employers receive vast reports of workplace hostility from their customers. Yet, we look at Herbalife Nutrition’s profiles, and accounts like these are nearly nonexistent.

The biggest complaint about Herbalife Nutrition on these platforms is that former employees sometimes did not particularly care for their work environment. Upon closer examination, this is one of the least concerning issues that a company can face about their employment practices. The overwhelming majority of reviews regarding Herbalife Nutrition’s workplace environment are positive. However, like all environments, some personalities will not mesh. Therefore, reports like this are to be expected with any company, even the most successful and highest rated.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global company with a diverse set of employees, and most reviews about the company’s workplace practices have been positive. The conclusion? If you want to join a company that makes a positive social impact, and if willing to learn and challenge yourself, then Herbalife Nutrition might be a worthwhile career pursuit.

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