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GenomOncology and med fusion announce the addition of PD-L1 Testing and Interpretation to the LungSEQ® and 50SEQ® Plus FISH Tests

CLEVELAND, March 07, 2017 -- med fusion, a Texas Oncology and The US Oncology Network preferred laboratory, and GenomOncology announce the expansion of med fusion’s LungSEQ® and 50SEQ® Plus FISH (for NSCLC) laboratory services to include PD-L1 expression testing. The panels will now help guide treatment selection of immunotherapeutic checkpoint inhibitors for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

med fusion’s LungSEQ and 50SEQ Plus FISH (for NSCLC) panels analyze the mutational status of patients with advanced, metastatic lung cancer to help clinicians develop a treatment plan including potential clinical trials for their patients. With the panels’ expansion, test results for the status of PD-L1 will be analyzed in addition to existing FISH and NGS tests. Patients that express PD-L1 may be eligible for treatment with new FDA-approved immunotherapies, such as pembrolizumab, an anti-PD-1 immunotherapy.  med fusion’s SEQ reports associate with potential treatment options by applying GenomOncology’s rules engine which is powered by FDA, NCCN, ASCO and peer reviewed published literature as cited by My Cancer Genome.

“Incorporation of PD-L1 to our LungSEQ and 50SEQ Plus FISH (for NSCLC) panels gives physicians a critical, clinically actionable result to guide decision making,” said Dr. Benton Middleman, Chief Medical Officer at med fusion.

“med fusion’s integrated reporting of these genetic results now including PD-L1 using GenomOncology’s robust rules engine helps to ensure that NSCLC patients will receive the most appropriate and effective treatment.  GenomOncology is proud to enable med fusion’s vision to improve patient care,” adds Manuel Glynias, President and CEO of GenomOncology.

About med fusion
med fusion, an integrated Roche Molecular Center for Excellence and clinical trials service organization, delivers support to healthcare providers and biotech/pharmaceutical companies to consistently meet the needs of patients.  An industry leader in advanced laboratory diagnostics and support, our full service clinical laboratory includes a dedicated test development and validation team to meet the needs of clients and reference lab services such as pathology and molecular diagnostics. med fusion is committed to facilitate the realization of responsible precision medicine by specializing in: Oncology, Women’s Health, Urology, and Infectious Disease.  Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, med fusion offers its specialized services throughout the U.S. To learn more, please visit

About GenomOncology:
GenomOncology provides knowledge-enabled workflows to support clinical decision-making across Precision Medicine programs.  These tailored workflows empower clinical laboratories, medical informatics initiatives, oncologists and multi-disciplinary teams to efficiently guide patient treatment, while gaining and applying insights to optimize cancer care. GenomOncology is partnered with numerous world-renowned Cancer Centers and Reference Laboratories.  Learn more at

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