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‘GTA 6’ release date, gameplay: What the announcement of ‘expanded’ ‘GTA V’ means for the next game’s timeline

From the “GTA Online Heists” trailer | Photo by Rockstar Games/YouTube screenshot

When Rockstar Games’ logo showed up at the PlayStation 5 virtual event last week, most fans were likely anticipating that the time for “GTA 6’s” announcement finally arrived. However, the developer’s presentation had nothing to do with the next game.

‘GTA 6’ release date is now very unlikely next year

It appears that the current title, “GTA V,” will be the main focus of Rockstar, at least, within the next year. And it does not seem like a good sign for the “GTA 6” release date.

Rockstar is not just porting the current game to Sony’s next-generation console. The developer promised that “GTA V” will have an “expanded and enhanced” version. “‘Grand Theft Auto V’ for PlayStation 5 will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the console’s powerful new hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever,” Rockstar promised.

Additionally, Rockstar confirmed that its special PS5 project will not be released until the second half of 2021. That immediately takes away any possibility for “GTA 6” to be released next year, as many fans were hoping.

Even an announcement of the next game in 2021 seems unlikely now with the “GTA V for PS5” in the pipeline. If it is planned for an H2 2021 launch, then it is most likely happening in the fall or the holiday season. That would also mean Rockstar’s marketing efforts will be focused on it leaving very little chance for the developer to squeeze in “GTA 6.”

At best, the video game company can give fans a small teaser for the next game just to quench their thirst for an official update. If Rockstar accomplished its 2021 target release date for the PS5 title, then there would be a good chance that 2022 could be the year when “GTA 6” arrives in the market.

Why fans are upset about the lack of ‘GTA 6’ announcement at PS5 event

Extending the “GTA V” life cycle along with the next-generation console is not that surprising considering it is still a very profitable title after more than six years. Between last Jan. 5 to Feb. 1, it even placed fifth in the top-selling game in the United States. Later in February, it was announced that the game had sold 130 million copies. In spring, the game was offered as a free download through the Epic Games Store.

This means, after more than half a decade, the “GTA V” community keeps on growing and it is understandable if Rockstar would not want to rush the development and launch of “GTA 6.” However, long-time players of the title appear to be growing tired of waiting just based on their reactions online when Rockstar’s announcement at the PS5 event.

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