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FxWirePro: GBP/JPY Consolidates More Than 23.6% Fibos, Interim Bulls Beam-Up With Potential Upto 100-EMAs Amid Major Downtrend

As predicted in our earlier post, GBPJPY has continued 5th consecutive daily and monthly rallies at 144.272 levels with bullish 7 & 21-DMA crossover. Currently, the bulls are heading for stiff resistance at 144.364 levels.

Major Trend Analysis: Major downtrend still remains intact as the consolidation phase has just retraced above 23.6% Fibonacci levels.

For now, the interim upswings likely prolong and on the verge of retracing up to 38.2% Fibonacci levels as both leading oscillators indicate buying momentum but 100-EMA caps this momentary buying sentiments.

Minor Trend Analysis: Shooting star is popped up at 146.056 levels. The bearish pattern has halted the upswings, & attempted to nudge below 7 & 21-SMAs. 

Whereas hammer at 142.842 level resumes the interim uptrend again, for now, extension of rallies seem to be likely as both leading & lagging oscillators signals buying sentiments.

RSI and Stochastic curves show upward convergence to the prevailing price rallies to indicate the intensified buying momentum.

While bullish DMA crossover indicates the interim uptrend is likely to prolong further. MACD halts above zero mark which is equilibrium or bullish territory also substantiates the above bullish stances momentarily.

Trade tips:

Overall, we wish to reiterate that while interim rallies are on the cards, the major downtrend unlikely to reverse.

Trade tips: At spot reference: 144.216 levels (while articulating), contemplating above technical rationale, one can execute one touch call options using upper strikes at 147.920 levels. Such exotic option will participate in upside movement and fetch leveraged yields as compared to spot.

Alternatively, ahead of BoJ monetary policy that is scheduled for the next week, with UK PMI numbers, shorting futures of mid-month tenors are advocated with a view of arresting the resumption of major downtrend. Writers in a futures contract are expected to maintain margins in order to open and maintain a short futures position.

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