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‘Fruits Basket’ season 3 release date confirmed; how many episodes to expect in the final season

From an official trailer of “Fruits Basket” season 2 | Photo credit: Funimation / YouTube screenshot

Fans of the rom-com series “Fruits Basket” did not have to wait much longer for the “Fruits Basket” season 3 to be confirmed just after the second season concluded. However, season 3 is also announced to be the show’s final stint on the small screen.

‘Fruits Basket’ season 3 release date

It is usually a good sign when an anime is renewed for another reason right after the latest season’s final episode aired. It is also a piece of good news that there does not seem to be any delay in the production of “Fruits Basket” season 3.

Along with the announcement of the final season’s production, it was also confirmed to be released sometime in 2021. It will take a while before a specific release date is provided, but avid fans already have a hunch when “Fruits Basket” season 3 could premiere.

It is quite rare for a seasonal anime series to have a very consistent release date and finale cycles, but that was just what the fans saw for the “Fruits Basket” seasons 1 and 2. The anime remake’s first season debuted on April 6, 2019, while the season finale aired on Sept. 21, 2019. Season 2 premiered and ended on the same dates in 2020.

The immediate renewal of the series and this very consistent cycle over the last two seasons are giving fans hope that “Fruits Basket” season 3 would also premiere, at least, sometime in April 2021. Of course, this still counts as mere speculation (or educated at best) so fans should still take it with a grain of salt.

‘Fruits Basket’ season 3 episode count

Like the first two seasons’ schedules, the episode counts of the remake series have also been consistent since 2019 -- each had 25 episodes. That meant the producers followed fairly similar pacing in adapting manga chapters despite the rearrangement of some chronological orders of events.

It should be noted that season 2 started based on the events from manga chapter 42 and its finale was based on chapters 96, 97, and 98. The source materials used in season 2 are near the same amount utilized for season 1. Since the original manga series had 136 chapters, it leaves enough for “Fruits Basket” season 3 to also be produced with 25 episodes.

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