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‘Food Wars’ season 4 release date, spoilers: Anime series ends in 24 episodes?

From the “Food Wars” season 2 official trailer. | Photo credit: Madman/YouTube screenshot

One of the things anime fans are looking forward to in fall is “Food Wars” season 4. It also appears that the anime series could be ending in the next 24 episodes that could all be released in a single season.

In June, it was announced that the “Shokugeki no Soma” manga, where the anime is based, will be ending within a few chapters. The latest manga installment released is a two-part epilogue while chapter 316, where the series is slated to end, is scheduled to drop on Aug. 28. Fans will then be seeing the final chapters adapted into anime as “Food Wars” season 4 premieres in the coming months.

‘Food Wars’ season 4 release date: New episodes arriving soon

The anime’s return is confirmed to happen in October. However, fans still have to wait for the announcement of the specific premiere date. Since October is approaching soon, the exact release date of “Food Wars” season 4 should be announced in the coming weeks.

‘Food Wars’ season 4 episode count: Final 24 episodes

Aside from the exact release date, producers have yet to announce how many episodes does “Food Wars” season 4 have. Fans eager to know this detail can find clues from the previous seasons’ episode count and how many chapters from the manga were covered per installment. In season 3, there were a total of 24 episodes that were based on chapters 120 to 217 or a total of 97 manga installments.

Counting from chapter 218 through 316 where the manga ends, there will be a total of 98 chapters not adapted yet into anime. It is then highly possible that the anime series also ends in “Food Wars” season 4. Another question is whether or not all 24 episodes will be released in the Fourth Plate.

‘Food Wars’ season 4 spoilers: Rebels reclaim Totsuki

One major reason why the next anime installment is so important is that the team of Soma and Erina is in the middle of a contest called the Regiment de Cuisine. Soma’s team is dubbed the Rebels who are up against the appointed Elite Ten under the control of Azami Nakiri. “Food Wars” season 4, whether it will have 24 episodes or less, should reveal if anime fans would ever see Totsuki go back to the way it used to be.

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