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‘Dragon Ball Super’ chapter 59 release date, spoilers: Moro might use Seven-Three to copy Goku and Vegeta’s powers

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The “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 59 release date would arrive after a couple of weeks from now. However, fans are already busy speculating what might happen in Goku and Moro’s highly anticipated confrontation next chapter.

Moro has been egging Goku on for him to showcase his most powerful move. The wizard gave his minion Saganbo incremental power boosts every time he is defeated at the hand of Goku.

However, there is a limit as to how much Saganbo’s body could handle. This threshold was eventually reached, which resulted to Saganbo’s death in “DBS” manga chapter 58.

With Moro as his opponent, Goku had no choice but to release his Ultra Instinct Sign. Even Moro was impressed and said it is not a mortal ability. Goku explained that it is the initial stage of the technique of the gods.

With the ability, Goku is expected to put up a good fight in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 59. However, it is highly unlikely that the technique will suffice to defeat the universe’s most powerful wizard.

To secure victory, Goku needs to power up even more. It is still unclear if he has a form stronger than the Ultra Instinct Sign at the moment.

This could only mean that he needs to team up with Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 59, who is also busy mastering a move that could defeat Moro. Vegeta’s arrival is likely to happen in the manga’s next installment as he will be able to detect the confrontation between Goku and Moro due to his heightened senses.

A stronger Goku teaming up with an equally stronger Vegeta will be a sight to behold. However, the wizard likely anticipated such a scenario and has made preparations beforehand to counter such an advantage.

In fact, it might already be hinted at in a previous “DBS” chapter. When Seven-Three was defeated by Androids 17 and 18, Moro took him away saying that he will come in handy later.

It looks like the time to use Seven-Three will arrive in “Dragon Ball Super” 59. Dealing with two overpowered fighters like Goku and Vegeta might be problematic for Moro to handle alone so he will likely use Seven-Three copy ability to copy the skills of his opponents. If he is successful, he will gain another strong fighter by his side.

“Dragon Ball Super” chapter 59 will be released on April 20 on MangaPlus.

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