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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 57: Just how powerful is the current Vegeta?

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There’s a lot to look forward to in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 57 as the invasion on Earth has finally started. There’s the possibility that fans might finally see how strong the current Vegeta is. In addition, it will likely show Moro make his move and claim his first victim from the planet.

With Vegeta still in training and Goku still stranded somewhere in the universe, it would have been disastrous for Earth’s inhabitants had its fighters not made preparations beforehand. Fortunately, Moro’s men were complacent when they invaded the planet as they thought that they would be up against a group of weak fighters.

However, their assumptions were the exact opposite of what happened as they were soundly beaten by Earth’s fighters everywhere in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 56. While there were multiple fights going on everywhere, one of the most exciting fights is the rematch between Moro’s subordinate Seven Three versus Piccolo and Gohan.

Previously, Seven Three was able to defeat both Piccolo and Gohan due to his ability to copy the technique of his enemies. But the rematch proved that all of those trainings done by Earth’s fighters were not in vain.

Seven Three tried to switch to different types of attacks multiple of times in the rematch but it did not help in the outcome. He was still defeated by Gohan and Piccolo especially when the two combined their attacks that resulted to Seven Three sustaining heavy injuries.

Seven Three then tried to use Moro’s power so he can absorb Gohan and Piccolo’s energy. However, they traded places with Android 17 and 18. Since the android do not possess chi, Seven Three wasn’t able to absorb any power at all and was defeated as a result.

Just as previous “DBS” spoilers said, Vegeta is still learning a new technique. Unfortunately, he was still unable to master. “No point, not until I’ve mastered this technique,” was his response when asked if he wants to return to earth. Hopefully, fans will be able to see just what powerful technique Pybara has been teaching Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 57.

What’s interesting is that Vegeta seems very aware of what is happening on Earth. “Besides, Moro hasn’t joined the battle yet,” he said, indicating that the situation was not yet critical. What everyone wants to know in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 57 is just how powerful Vegeta has become due to his training with Pybara.

Meanwhile, Moro has been thoroughly disappointed with the performance of his men who were soundly defeated by Earth’s defenders. “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 57 will likely see him joining the fray and drain the energy of one of the stronger fighters. “Who will be first on my menu?” he was seen asking in the recent chapter.

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 57 will be released on February 20, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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