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Donna Lea Jones Describes How to Involve Yourself Socially in Your Community

Even the most independent people need some form of human interaction. Luckily, if you’re looking to become more social and connect with those in your community, there are plenty of ways to do so! Donna Lea Jones is a pharmaceutical sales professional and Florida resident who loves getting involved in her community. Below, Donna Lea Jones provides a few helpful tips on how to become more social. From striking up a conversation with a stranger to signing up for a group class, check out the top four tips for involving yourself socially in your community.

Initiate A Conversation

Starting a conversation with someone, whether a stranger or someone you know, is a great first step if you wish to become more social in your community. It might seem like an easy step, but Donna Lea Jones states that for some, it can be anything but. In fact, a study conducted by the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast found that roughly 40% of adults and teenagers identify as shy. So, if the mere thought of initiating a conversation gives you anxiety, Jones recommends coming up with a few icebreaker questions in advance. That way, you won’t have to worry about feeling awkward in the moment, and it will increase your odds of actually going through with starting the conversation. Questions can be casual in tone, such as “Are you watching anything new on Netflix?” or “Have you travelled anywhere exciting recently?” Regardless of the person’s answer, by asking the question, you will have initiated a conversation with someone in your community, which could very well be the beginning of a long friendship.

Give Compliments Regularly

If you’re in a social situation and find yourself with nothing to say, Donna Lea Jones recommends giving a compliment. When there’s a pause in the conversation, why not fill it with some kind words? There are plenty of benefits to be derived from giving a compliment. First, a compliment can significantly improve someone’s day. Second, it will show that person that you are caring and compassionate. And third, a compliment is an easy way to open the door to a new conversation. For example, if you say that you love their dress, they may then be inclined to tell you where they purchased the dress, which could lead to a discussion about your favorite clothing stores or shopping centers.

Sign Up For A Group Class

A great way to meet new people and become more social is to join a group class, shares Donna Lea Jones. A shared activity is a great way to bond with others, in addition to the fact that it will allow you to try something new. What are you waiting for? Step outside your comfort zone and sign up for a class being offered in your community. From yoga and Pilates to painting or swing dancing, recreation centers in cities usually offer a wide range of classes to choose from. Not only will you learn a new skill or get some exercise, but you will find yourself in a social setting around like-minded peers with an obvious conversation topic: the class.

Host a Monthly Brunch or Dinner Party

Lastly, Donna Lea Jones advises anyone wishing to become more socially involved in their community to host a monthly event. She recommends a monthly brunch or dinner party, but it can be any type of event you wish. By hosting a gathering on roughly the same day each month, you are guaranteed to have a social engagement to look forward to every single month. Further, small events such as brunches or dinner parties are a great way to engage meaningfully with those in your community. Unlike larger parties where it can be difficult to spend quality time with any one person, this type of social activity will allow you to schedule quality time with your friends in a setting where you can talk, laugh, and catch up. It’s also a great way to practice your conversational skills if they happen to be a bit rusty. In addition, hosting such an event will serve as a bonding experience, as your guests will feel grateful for the food you served them and to have been invited into your home.

Donna Lea Jones concludes that getting involved in your community and making social connections is something that requires you to put in effort. However, the rewards are great and you can make friends that will last a lifetime.

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