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Donald Trump shock: POTUS doesn’t regret attacking reporter Peter Alexander, receives support after being ‘bullied’

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump recently showed no remorse after he was accused of attacking NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander during a coronavirus press conference.

After a heated exchange between the POTUS and Alexander, the president opened the floor for other reporters to ask him questions. One of them asked the POTUS if he thinks it’s appropriate to lash out at a correspondent amid the global health pandemic.

Melania Trump’s husband did not apologize for what he said, and he also claimed that what he did was right because Alexander is not a good journalist.

“I dealt with Peter for a long time and I think Peter is not a good journalist when it comes to fairness,” he said.

The POTUS received backlash for lashing out at Alexander but a lot of his supporters also praised him for what he did. In fact, Trump’s supporters are convinced that it was the right time for him to stand up for himself since he’s constantly being bullied by the reporters.

“Poor Trump. Those mean old reporters keep asking him questions that he would rather not answer. How can they be so cruel to a confused old man who is in over his head?” Twitter user @AndyfromTuscan said.

“Omg, the attacks are from the reporters. So glad to see him calling them out!” Twitter user @Mylissa11 said.

“Trump correct again,” Twitter user @JohnParshon said.

Meanwhile, the POTUS’s critics also had a lot of things to say about his heated exchange with Alexander.

“Dishonest journalists? What say you about the dishonest president? Get him off the daily podium. He is doing way more harm than good,” Twitter user @hurryplzmueller said.

“Why must the nation put up with this baby’s temper tantrum? People don’t have confidence in him at all. Look at the Dow bouncing up and down. When will he just shut up?” Twitter user @SteveMahan4 said.

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