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Donald Trump accused of having ‘zero sympathy’; POTUS seemed ‘excited’ over tornado deaths in Tennessee

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump was recently accused of having zero sympathies to the victims of the deadly tornadoes during his visit to Tennessee.

On Friday, the POTUS a town in Tennessee that was affected by the tornadoes in an attempt to console the victims. The president pledged to support the victims and their families in whatever way they need.

Following the recent tornadoes, eight people were killed. In the Putnam County community, 18 people were killed after an EF-4 tornado packed winds of nearly 200 mph struck.

During his speech, Trump said that he loves the people of Tennessee so much that’s why he decided to personally pay them a visit. However, Political Flare noticed how the POTUS didn’t show any empathy to the victims and their families even though he was trying to show them his love and support.

“I was going to visit yesterday, but they asked me for one more day because they were looking for bodies, believe it or not, up until now. It’s tough. One family got entirely wiped out,” he said.

Trump also saw an 8-year-old boy whose entire family was killed following the tornadoes. The president said that the boy was found walking on the streets.

On Twitter, Trump was lambasted for not showing any sympathy to the devastated young boy whose family was killed.

“Trump, surveying tornado damage in Tennessee, talks about a young child who was found walking in the street. Trump: ‘How did his family do?’ Official: They're deceased. Trump: ‘So his parents were killed. And his sister. So we're going to go see some of the folks,’” Twitter user @justinbaragona said.

“And this is why Trump is uniquely ill-equipped to be President. He is completely devoid of empathy,” Twitter user @davidpumpkins1 said.

Meanwhile, Governor Bill Lee thanked Trump for dropping by and said that he and his entire town are very grateful that he visited them.

“Tennesseans are grateful for your support. It’s been a painful, tragic week for our state. Your presence here reminds us that people all across the country care about what’s happening here. We’re going to overcome,” Lee said.

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