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Disney Unveils NFT Platform in Partnership with Dapper Labs to Launch Star Wars, Pixar Digital Collectibles

Disney and Dapper Labs partner to create a Web3 platform for the entertainment firm's beloved characters.

The Walt Disney Company has teamed up with Dapper Labs Inc. to set up its NFT platform for its digital collectibles featuring the brand’s popular characters and film franchises such as Star Wars and Pixar. The companies announced the forthcoming debut of “Disney Pinnacle” which will allow fans to collect non-fungible tokens and tradable digital pins of beloved icons.

Dapper Labs said that the new Disney Pinnacle NFT platform will bring together all the famous characters from Disney’s 100-year history. In addition, fans will also see Pixar figures and both heroes and villains from Star Wars. All the characters are uniquely designed as digital collectibles and pins, as per CoinTelegraph.

Disney Pinnacle Launch and Other Details

The new Disney NFT space is set to go live before the year ends and the companies have yet to announce a specific date for this. For fans who would like to access the platform, the waitlist to join was opened on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Disney Pinnacle will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android. It will also be accessible online via the official page.

Can Fans Expect Marvel Collectibles?

It was already mentioned that Disney characters along with Pixar’s and Star Wars are set to be tokenized for fans to collect. This means that Disney Princesses, Buzz Lightyear, and Darth Vader will have digital pin versions on the NFT platform.

In any case, Marvel is also owned by Disney - will the superheroes also be featured in the line of collectibles? Decrypt set up an interview with Dapper Labs’ chief Roham Gharegozlou and directly asked him if the Marvel characters are also in the mix.

The publication pointed out that Marvel was not mentioned in the announcement and Gharegozlou only said, “not at launch.” He did not elaborate on his reply but it seems there is a chance that fans will also see the tokenized versions of Spiderman, Thor, and Iron Man.

Photo by: Dapper Labs Press Release

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