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Cryptocurrencies guide for the absolute beginners

We all know traditional exchanges are done using fiat currencies. The government issues currencies for its citizens so that they can use it as a standard medium of payment. Let’s say you are going to buy a car. So, it’s obvious you need to spend some hard cash to purchase the car from the store. But things have changed a lot over the past years. People don’t have to rely on traditional banking or monetary system. They can sell or buy goods via cryptocurrency. This is nothing but a standard medium of payment without having any physical existence.

The exchanges of cryptocurrencies are done in the decentralized encrypted network. At times, companies often issues crypto tokens which can also be used as a standard medium of payment. Since the transfer is done via block chain technology, you must have a digital wallet to store or transfer bitcoin or other digital assets. Let’s find out more about cryptocurrencies and get a clear idea of this industry.

Bitcoin is not the only digital asset

Naïve users often think bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency. Some of the intermediate users think that few cryptocurrencies in the global market can be considered as alternatives to fiat currencies. But this is not all true. Based on the recent study, it is safe to assume that more than 2200 cryptocurrencies are traded publicly across the globe. So why is bitcoin so popular? The total market cap for the crypto industry was $246 billion and $136 billion for bitcoin segments. This statement should give you a clear idea of why people are so much biased in favor of bitcoin even though they have a wide range of digital assets.

Popularity of cryptocurrencies

If you look at the reputed digital asset exchange companies, you will understand the popularity of cryptocurrencies. In the past, people used to question the existence of bitcoins and other digital assets. But nowadays companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc. are accepting bitcoin as a standard medium of payment. They are doing so because it can cut down the middle man in any transaction. When you are discarding the middleman in the payment system, you are getting a faster transaction at a low cost. So, in every aspect cryptocurrencies tend to beat the traditional fiat currencies even though it is yet to be regulated by the majority of the leading countries.

Great investment opportunity

Cryptocurrencies started its journey in the form of bitcoin back in 2009. From that point, it has gained huge popularity and many more digital asset has been adding to the list. Since the price cryptocurrency is rising at a steady rate it is safe to assume that the market is in an uptrend. Investing in the digital asset which has gained value over the past years is a very intelligent decision. However, never forget the basic rules of investment when you start investing in cryptocurrencies. Investing more than 10% of your savings in any industry is a big mistake. So, make a calculated decision when you think about making a profit by investing money in the crypto industry.

Is it 100% safe?

Do you feel safe when you walk in the middle of the night with $100k in the pocket? You will feel safe. When it comes to the use of cryptocurrencies, it is much safer and offers a stable solution for fast payment initiation. However, you need to be extremely careful with your cryptocurrency wallet since hackers might try to find weak holes in your security. Never share your wallet password or use an unknown device to get access to your wallet. The safety of your bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet is in your hands. So, take smart steps so that you don’t have to lose money due to negligence.

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