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Chick-fil-A to launch Chorizo Cheddar Egg breakfast menu this fall

Photo by: Chick-fil-A Press Release

Chick-fil-A has not released any new breakfast menu item in five years, and this year, it is testing the Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites. The Georgia-headquartered fast-food restaurant chain is launching its newest breakfast entree, but it will only be available in select locations for now.

Chick-fil-A’s Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites is a baked menu infused with bold flavors and customers can give them a try starting in the fall. The food item has been described as a “grab-and-go” bites, and this will be the restaurant's first new breakfast since 2017.

The last breakfast menu it introduced five years ago was the Hash Brown Scramble Brown. It was successfully released across the United States at that time. In any case, diners can get the egg bites starting Aug. 22. Customers must act fast because it will only be on the menu for a limited time since it is still on trial.

As per QSR Magazine, Chick-fil-A announced the arrival of its Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites on Monday, Aug. 15. For every order of this new breakfast meal, customers will get to enjoy four egg bites that were made with whole eggs, cheddar cheese, Mexican-style chorizo sausage, and Monterey Jack cheese.

The restaurant is hoping to make the mornings of its customers lively by offering them bold flavors that are not only delectable but easy to eat. They are also freshly baked every morning, so every bite is flavorful and offers the unmatched freshness of food.

What’s more, customers can buy them when they are in hurry to get to the office or school. The Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites is simply ideal for a meal on-the-go.

In fact, this breakfast has been created as part of Chick-fil-A’s continuing effort to offer more options for customers who drop by for their first meal of the day, which is also the most important one.

“As summer ends and the back-to-school morning routine begins, we wanted to offer our customers a new protein-packed entrée that keeps them satisfied when they’re on-the-go without sacrificing taste,” Chick-fil-A Inc.’s director of menu and packaging, Leslie Neslage, said in a press release.

Neslage added, “Our guests are asking for more bite-sized, shareable breakfast options, and we look forward to hearing what they think about our limited-time Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites test.”

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A’s Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites will be sold at participating locations in Ohio, New Orleans, Miami, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

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