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Changing the Game: How Technology Has Revolutionised Gambling in Canada

There is no mistake that technology has changed the way we live our lives and all industries are seeing remarkable benefits from it, none less than the gambling industry in Canada.

Casino games have come a long way from smoky rooms in the back of dishevelled bars of yesteryear. In the modern world, it could not be more high-tech with countless people now opting to play casino games at online casinos in Canada, whereby the possibilities about what can be done are endless.

It is not just the online versions that have benefitted though, so we took a look at how the Casino landscape has completely changed in Canada, not just online but in brick and mortar casinos also.

Online Casinos: Effortless Play from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The biggest difference between the casino landscape of 20 years ago and today is most clearly defined by the growth of online casinos.

Today, there is countless online casinos for players from Canada to enjoy, but it is not just the number of casinos that is expanding. The number of services they offer is also on the grow, and online casinos in Canada have come a long way from what was available at the first online casinos of the late '90s.

More Diverse and Higher Quality Casino Gameplay

Back when casinos first launched online, you were limited in terms of what could be played. The majority of casinos offered mainly poker services that were played on poor streams with shaky visuals and basic game design and of course, dial-up connection before you could play. In fact, many couldn’t be played directly on a website and required extra downloadable software, which took lengthy times to download and cost a fortune on your phone bill.

What we have today is unrecognisable from what was once available. Game providers have invested thousands to ensure that all the games have high-definition graphics from the table silk to the sound effects, providing an immersive experience that is just as exciting as the experience of a real-life casino directly via internet browsers.

Plus, there is more choice than ever in terms of games, with every game imaginable available at online casinos for Canadian players, with all the classic and niche variations of these giving you more variety than ever before.

This is combined with more chances to play in big money online tournaments and pit your skills against players from across the world, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Ultimately, technology has given you more casino access than ever before.

Live Casino Gameplay

One thing that was always lacking at online casinos when they first came out, was the lack of a human element that land-based casinos had. Now, thanks to advance streaming technology, you can now sit at a casino table hosted by a living breathing dealer and play with actual cards against other human players across the world in the Live Casino section of online casinos in Canada.

The two biggest names in this field are Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, who have a large selection of live casino games that ensure players can experience everything that people love about brick and mortar casinos from the comfort of their own home 24/7 without needing to don a tuxedo and drive to their local venue.

More and more games are coming available in the live casino format and this is quickly becoming the go-to for players who want to enjoy real life casino gaming online.

Mobile Casino Gameplay

In the modern age, everyone is doing everything on their phones, whether that be reading maps, getting the latest news and information, or fulfilling their entertainment needs. As such, it was logical that online casinos extended their service to make sure that players can enjoy their service on the go via their mobiles.

It is now very rare to find an online casino that has not been converted in some way, shape or form to a mobile casino platform where Canadian players can log on from their handheld device and enjoy casino gaming on the go.

Most sites now have at the least a mobile browser version of their website, while others go the whole hog and have created apps to further allow Canadian players to keep a casinos service in an easy to use package.

Some older games were not adapted in time, and thus, cannot be accessed on mobiles making the service usually slightly less diverse than desktop gameplay, but these games are by far in the minority. Game providers have cottoned on to this and so, if a new game launches in this day and age, it will be set up for mobile access immediately and the most high-quality and modern gameplay is available to be accessed on the go.

Modern Online Security

One of the things that has long plagued the experience of playing at online casinos for Canadian players is the doubts many have about online security.

There have been many horror stories over the years about people becoming victims of cybercrime, but thanks to the high-quality security software that online casinos implement, it means that these fears are a thing of the past.

Most sites in this day and age incorporate SSL Secure Encryption Software, the same software which is used by banks and means that putting money in and out of your account is one thing that could not be safer.

This, alongside making sure that the highest security protocols are followed, means that everything you do at online casinos is safeguarded by the highest possible methods that it can be.

There are also countless different, tried and trusted payment methods offered at online casinos, including e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, which have been designed specifically for online transactions, as well the use of Pay by Phone methods like Payforit and Boku, which completely eliminate the need for a bank or card information.

New Currencies

Technology has brought with it a whole new way to pay online via the use of Crypto currencies.

Of course, the most well-known one is Bitcoin, but there are countless others available online such as Lithium and DogeCoin.

Crypto currencies are blowing up online and as they become more widely available, they become worth much more money simultaneously.

Now, Bitcoin sits at around $6000 each. But what does this mean for online casino players? Well, Bitcoin was widely available at online casinos far before the boom and so for those business savvy players who had chosen to play with bitcoin, when the boom happened, they were sitting pretty.

Crypto currencies complement online casinos very well in their nature and there are many casinos catering specifically for them. As such, if you are looking to invest in Crypto currencies, online casinos are a great way of doing that.

Future Sport Betting Prospects

Currently, sport betting on anything other than Parlay bets are available at online betting sites in Canada, but after the landmark decision from the US to legalise sport betting, this may soon be allowed at Canadian casinos too.

If this is the case, then the world of sports betting at online casinos in Canada will be revolutionised in ways that Europeans have taken for granted over the last few years. We won’t go in to too much detail as whether it will be legalised in the same format, that remains to be seen.

However, live updated odds, bet-in play options (where you bet on the next event happening in the game) and early-cash-out (which allows you to leave your bet early if things aren’t going your way) are all things that will become readily available thanks to modern technologies if the laws do change as they're expected to.

Land-based Casino: Classier, Sleeker and Safer Than Ever Before

While the lion’s share of the technological ages has been found at online casinos, that is not to say that land-based casinos haven’t also benefitted from these modern factors also, mostly in terms of security. Ultramodern security software and advanced security games mean that the possibility of cheating in a modern casino has been largely eradicated with around the clock surveillance making sure that everyone is playing fairly, benefitting both other players and the casino themselves.

As well as this, the use of cards and contactless payments mean that casinos have less concerns about robberies or anything else untoward happening, which may endanger other players or staff. However, there are also other benefits; the implementation of modern high-tech slot machines found within casinos are less prone to malfunction and less expensive to repair if something does go wrong.

While in real-life we rely on bookmakers, players can now place bets on machines and print their betting slips off themselves, rather than have to deal with staff.

Ultimately, the real-world casino's have benefitted from advancements in technology, ensuring quicker, safer and more relaxing experiences for visitors to their casinos while also ensuring they too remain well-protected from undesirables.

As you can see, the casino landscape in Canada is more advanced than ever before with players given more possibilities, more chances to win in safer environments and more diverse options than ever to get better casino experiences.

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