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Carl Collins Describes The Importance of Having a Lawyer by Your Side After an Accident

Seeking justice in the wake of an accident is not always easy. Carl Collins, a Michigan personal injury attorney, wants accident victims to understand their rights from when the injury occurred.

Unfortunately, many victims overlook legal advice and thereby surrender their rights. Having a lawyer by your side can mean the difference between permanent injury and recovery, or financial stability and bankruptcy.

If you or someone you love is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you stand to gain far more than you stand lose when consulting a lawyer as soon as possible.

Carl Collins explains the four main reasons why having an experienced lawyer by your side can ensure that the accident doesn’t ruin you for life.

1.Lawyers Help Deal With Insurance Companies

Insurance is business. Unfortunately, many insurance companies use shrewd maneuvering to avoid paying out claims.

Too often, insurance companies simply delay compensating clients and victims with hopes that the individual eventually gives up their pursuit of compensation. These providers might do this by “going dark” or by requiring customers to journey through a never-ending maze of paperwork.

Whether claiming a finely printed loophole or delaying claim payment, experienced personal injury attorneys can hold insurance companies accountable to the terms of your claim. Because the world of insurance is so convoluted, it is nearly impossible for the average layperson to know how to respond to disingenuous insurance providers.

2.The One at Fault

Carl Collins notes that those guilty of negligence resulting in injury or death often have a track record. Even after their first offense, those at fault and not held accountable are liable to strike again.

Victims of negligence are left with mountains of bills to pay, not to mention lost wages. Without a lawyer by your side, you may have no idea that your accident could have been prevented. The individual at fault is responsible for your injuries, and thus, they should be responsible for all costs associated with your injuries.

Those guilty of negligence will continue to create more victims unless some choose to take a stand. Personal injury attorneys can handle these cases on behalf of their clients until the issue is resolved with damages or a reasonable settlement.

Additionally, it is common for at fault parties nervous about legal consequences to take the initiative. Victims often find themselves on the receiving end of a personal injury lawsuit, even though the plaintiff is actually the one responsible.

3.Recovery Expenses

In most cases, insurance companies provide a basic level of compensation to cover some costs. For example, car insurance covers a certain amount of expenses related to injuries and damage to property.

That said, you may still be left with exorbitant bills to pay even after insurance payouts. Serious injuries often cost far more than insurance caps. And unless you’ve acquired various kinds of supplemental insurance like MedPay, disability insurance, and more, you will get no additional help for these expenses.

More still, expenses related to drives to and from doctors’ appointments, childcare, and medical equipment are usually not covered in insurance.

That’s why a personal injury lawyer is critical to helping you seek reasonable compensation after your accident. Carl Collins and his peers are thorough in helping their clients total up all expenses (often expenses you never thought to include) so that you can resume – as best as possible – your former quality of life after your accident.

4.Pain and Suffering

Another often overlooked consequence of an accident is the noneconomic damages – costs that you cannot easily quantify in dollars and cents.

Some injuries are so severe that victims will never be the same again. They may never be able to walk, work, or enjoy time with their family as they had done prior to the accident.

Even after a full physical recovery, some accident victims suffer from emotional trauma that has a long-term negative affect on their personality.

All of these non-financial costs are considered “pain and suffering” by the law. Having a lawyer by your side can help to validate any claims you have toward pain and suffering after an accident.

Carl Collins concludes that if you are ever in an accident, having a lawyer by your side is an invaluable resource that you should ensure you have both to save money and ensure your peace of mind.

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