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Cancer cure: Have doctors found the treatment for Big C? Here are common treatment myths and the truth about them

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Cancer cure is what the people want now; however, it seems that the exact treatment has yet to be found. Cancer is a disease that has many types, and they are developed due to unusual cell growth. It is a deadly illness because it can invade different parts of the body and cause various health problems.

Based on the record of the Centers for Disease Control, Big C is the second-leading cause of death in the U.S., second to heart disease. This is mainly because it is expensive and complicated to treat plus its progression is also quick especially if not detected early.

Is there a cure for cancer?

As mentioned earlier, there is no cancer cure yet but some patients beat the disease by undergoing various treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, gene editing and immunotherapy. However, even with the positive outcome, most of the time the cancerous cells do not go away completely but just neutralize so the chances for it to return are high.

Because of this, cancer patients who are in remission must have regular checkups to make sure that the symptoms have not come back. The thing is - there is no real cure for cancer but the advanced technology and medicines today can help stop the disease and help doctors move one step closer to finding the cure.

Common treatment myths for cancer

Mayo Clinic listed some common myths when treating cancer and people should keep these in mind because knowing the truth and correcting the false beliefs will definitely help in saving the lives of patients. Firstly, they say that a positive attitude alone is enough to beat the Big C but while a positive attitude really helps it will not cure the disease. The most that this positivity can do is to give patients the strength to face and deal with cancer.

Regular health checkups can detect cancer early

The modern technology and regular checkups can help detect the disease however, there is no guarantee that the results will always be accurate. In fact, there are healthy people who regularly go to the doctor but diagnosed with cancer later when it is already in the advanced stage. The thing is - there is still no sure way to spot it.

Cancer is painful

Most people believed that they are healthy if they are not feeling any pain but the truth is, there are cancers that go unnoticed because they never cause pain. When being treated, doctors also give medicines to control and manage the patient’s pain so even in the advanced stage, patients will not suffer.

Finally, there is no cancer cure yet but patients should seek medical assistance at once to get the appropriate treatment that they need and have more chances of overcoming the disease.

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