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CBD Capsules or Oils – Which Is Better?

CBD is popular today; from tinctures to creams, there are many types of CBD products for everyone to use. Before buying however, it is necessary to know how each of them reacts in the body or on the skin. Choosing a particular product depends on an individual’s preference and wellness goal.

Therefore, it is important to know how each product works and its health benefits. Many CBD products are popular, but the most used are oils and capsules. Are the oils better than the capsules? We will discuss each and how they work for our benefits. Also, we will highlight the factors that should influence your choice.

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What is a CBD Capsule?

This capsule is made of 100% organic ingredients. Although similar to oil tinctures, CBD pills are produced with a different procedure. Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant as an isolate.

This powder substance is then inserted into a gelatin capsule or one that has cannabidiol oil in it. Coconut powder is added because it contains MCT, which improves the rate at which cannabidiol is absorbed in the body.

What is CBD Oil?

This is undoubtedly the most popular CBD product in the market. It is more common than other products among CBD enthusiasts. A drop of this oil contains full spectrum cannabidiol that has been proven to be beneficial in the body system.

It is extracted using different methods. A popular one is carbon dioxide extraction, which produces safe, toxic-free, and natural oil. There are three common types of CBD oil: full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates.

The full spectrum contains all cannabinoids including THC (this is in 0.3% trace amount). Broad-spectrum, on the other hand, has all the cannabinoids except THC (which can be in trace amounts). Then the isolates only contain cannabidiol.

Which is Better Between CBD Capsules and Oils?

To answer this question well, let us consider some key differences and how it relates with each product.

1. Bioavailability

This refers to how a drug is absorbed in the body. The process takes place in the digestive system. Water-based products tend to be absorbed faster in the body than oils. This is because a large part of the body is made of water.

But CBD oil absorbs quickly in the body than the capsules. It is deposited under the tongue letting it go straight to the bloodstream instead of our digestive system. But the capsule goes to the digestive organs, making it slow to dissolve and be assimilated by the body. You can visit to get more information about CBD bioavailability.

2. Dosage

Both products are easy to measure. With a dropper, you can measure the amount of oil you wish to take. Also, one capsule will contain a specific amount of cannabinoid.

Capsule, though, is better than oil in this regard because you can take a high dose of oil with the dropper by human error. But this is not possible with capsules except you just want to overdose.

3. Ease of Use

Unlike the oils, it is easier to swallow capsules without making a mess. There is the ease of transport with the pills. But for oils, you might be worried about spills and stains from carrying them around. In the case of visibility, people may not notice that you are taking the pills, but the oils are more noticeable.

4. Versatility

Due to its nature, cannabidiol oils are easily included in beverages and foods. You can add it in your cereal or coffee with ease. This cannot be possible with the capsules because they are capped in soft gels. Also, you can give CBD oils to your furry friends, but not the pills.

5. Taste

The oils taste bland and grassy. If you have super sensitive taste buds, you might find it hard to like these tinctures. However, you can quickly swallow the pills with water so you hardly know how it tastes.

CBD Capsules or Oils – Factors That Should Affect Your Selection

Before deciding which product is more preferable, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Your Lifestyle

The way you live your life can affect which one is better for you. If you are a busy person that works in an office and you need precise measuring of CBD, a capsule is the best choice for you. If you travel a lot, capsules are better so that you won’t worry about spillage.

2. The Purpose It Will Serve

CBD is amazingly effective in the body. Each product can serve different purposes when ingested. If you have anxiety or insomnia, the oils are perfect for regulating your sleep. But if you have digestive issues, capsules are a good choice.

3. Onset Time

If you want a fast action product, then go for the oil tinctures. They easily absorb into the bloodstream. Capsules are slower as the body first digests them before they move into the bloodstream. If you want the effect of CBD to last long in your system, go for the capsules. You can read this article to know more factors that should influence your choice.


Both oils and capsules will have maximum benefits in the human body. The decision to choose one above the other is based on personal preference, your lifestyle, what you need, and how you wish to use it. If you want fast action, easily absorbed, and versatile product, CBD oils are perfect for you. But if you want a prolonged effective, easy to travel with, and use, go for the capsules.

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