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Burger King Heats Up Spring and Summer With Launch of Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wraps, Chicken Nuggets

Burger King adds spicy buffalo wraps and chicken nuggets to the menu.

Burger King is offering something new again in time for spring and summer. The restaurant will launch two fiery menus for the warmer seasons.

Burger King is warming up its stores with the new Royal Cripy Wrap and Chicken Nuggets in Fiery Buffalo Flavor. These two food menus feature spicy chicken in wraps and deep-fried battered chicken fillets.

Royal Cripy Wrap and Chicken Nuggets

According to Parade, while the Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap is new, the Fiery Nuggets is just returning to Burger King stores. The former is a tortilla wrap filled with crispy chicken breast fillet covered in spicy Buffalo glaze. It comes with a creamy Buffalo sauce with tomato and lettuce.

As for the returning Fiery Nuggets, they are chicken nuggets coated in spicy buffalo glaze as well. It is served in bite-size; thus, the full flavor quickly spreads each time the nuggets are popped into the mouth.

Price and Availability Details

Burger King is releasing the new Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wraps and Fiery Chicken Nuggets on March 7. The latest additions are priced at $2.99 each, but prices may still vary depending on location. Customers may get them in participating stores across the United States upon launch.

“Since their initial launch to menus nationwide last year, our Royal Crispy Wraps quickly became the most popular limited-time offering (LTO) to hit Burger King menus in the U.S. within the last four years,” Burge King Borth America’s chief marketing officer, Pat O’Toole, said in a blog post. “Despite being launched as an LTO, wraps are here to stay and we are excited to bring a new flavor to Guests with Fiery Buffalo, which brings a tangy, buttery buffalo flavor with the perfect amount of spice.”

Photo by: Burger King Newsroom

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