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‘Boruto’ chapter 40 release date, predictions, spoilers: Sasuke joins Team 7, Kawaki vs. Boro

From the "BORUTO - NARUTO The Movie" trailer | Photo by Madman/YouTube screenshot

The intense scenes will build back up again in “Boruto” chapter 40 as a couple of possible fights will explode. One of the most likely events happening next in the manga series is the confrontation of Kawaki and Team 7’s Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki against Boro. Additionally, there is a possibility for Sasuke to join the action.

‘Boruto’ chapter 40 predictions: Sasuke returns to other dimension and helps against Boro

Konohagakure is left in shock by the defeat of Sasuke and Naruto against Jigen. Naruto remains trapped in a different dimension that only Boruto, Kawaki, and Sasuke can reach. Sasuke was left severely wounded from the previous fight with Jigen, but there is a circulating theory for “Boruto” chapter 40 that he could be healed soon.

Upon arriving at the said dimension, Kawaki and Team 7 found Boro guarding the site where Naruto is left to die. Kawaki commented that Boro is worse than Jigen at some capacity. That could be a foreshadowing that the four of them might need more reinforcement to make it out there alive in “Boruto” chapter 40.

Sasuke has yet to appear since the fight, but some fans believe that Konohagakure has ample facilities to help him recover as soon as “Boruto” chapter 40. If that would be the case, he could immediately go back to the other dimension through space-time ninjutsu since the portal Kawaki has created already closed.

With Sasuke, Kawaki, and Team 7 have more chances of defeating Boro. If they are even luckier, they might even get a chance to unseal the bowl-like structure that traps Naruto and bring the Seventh Hokage back to Konohagakure.

However, it can be recalled that Jigen, who sustained relative minimal damages from fighting Sasuke and Naruto, needs two full days to recover. That could be the one loophole in this theory suggesting that Sasuke might not be healed enough to fight in “Boruto” chapter 40.

‘Boruto’ chapter 40 release date: New chapter arrives in a few weeks

Aside from the fight with Boro, Koji Kashin previously declared his intention to kill Jigen. This could mean that another fight is brewing in “Boruto” chapter 40.

The manga series has new chapters every month. “Boruto” chapter 40 will be officially released on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

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