Blockchain Revolution Series: Tech Giant LG Electronics Most Likely To Launch Blockchain-Based Smartphone

The renowned tech giant ‘LG Electronics’ is intending to launch its ‘blockchain phone’, thereby, it seems to be joining troops for blockchain adoption. 

Well, earlier today, a Korean media source ‘Chosun’ reported that “LG is likely to play a counterpart in Samsung’s innovation initiative”. The report further stated that LG is confronting issues differentiating a potential blockchain phone from Samsung’s prior launches. 

Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy S10 earlier this year, with multiple models complete with its blockchain Keystore. The device supports dapps, ERC-20 tokens, and now, even Bitcoin (BTC).

For now, LG seems to have plans to deploy the blockchain technology into their smartphone models. Thereby, LG is going to test their luck in the blockchain industry. 

LG electronics, with the objective of in-depth research in the gamut of blockchain technology, is targetting to manufacture new smartphones as a source of easy-access for their users. 

Nevertheless, the company is yet to ramp up about the availability of the new product, while simultaneously addressing the apprehensions occurred with a view to generating unique features in their product pertaining the blockchain DApps.

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