Quick Run Through on DeFi’s Adoptability That Comes As Blessing In Disguise

DeFi has been getting its traction of late within the gamut of FinTech, growing form of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), where individuals are able to access financial services without the involvement of a bank or third party, might make things even harder for such businesses.

Gone are the days, where laggards used to be traditionally bounded and be risk averse, but for now, ever changing technology within some DApp-building communities, particularly DeFi, composability significantly intensified its swift pace for the development timelines. But mainstream adoptability of DeFi in 2020 has to encompass some hurdles. DeFi apps can bootstrap the UX of their apps by offering connectivity to tools like liquidity, banking services, and unique trading pairs.

While the entire cryptocurrency industry is struggling, the ethereum ecosystem continues to expand. Exciting new DeFi ventures are grabbing headlines every week, from decentralized VPN providers to blockchain infrastructure projects to payment providers.

Precisely, as the DeFi movement is on the verge of emerging, today’s total crypto market cap of $195B is over $150B shy of the assets managed.

Although the modern era of FinTech has evolved considerably, DeFi has come into the fold of mainstream financial services using DLT where many fraudulent instances are witnessed, DeFi projects must build on-ramps including better and secured user interfaces, accessible products and services, and stablecoins in order to ensure the ease of usage to deal into the digital assets.

The value of funds infused in DeFi apps that has exponentially grown, quadrupled to be precise from $276 million an year ago to over one billion dollars, according to website DeFi Pulse.

While MakerDAO holds 61% of the funds with $609M, followed by Synthetix with $131M, and Compound with $127M. On the lower end of the scale is the Bitcoin Lightning Network with $8.5M. Courtesy: BNC

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