Blockchain Revolution Series: California-Based Berry Producer Associates With IBM For Blockchain-Based Food Tracking System

As the total reported death cases exceeds day by day due to the deadly contagious coronavirus, almost all businesses have halted as the major markets have been locked down.

The Economist Intelligence Unit reckons the cyclical effects of this pandemic turmoil and revises its baseline forecast for many major economies, especially, with China’s real GDP growth in 2020 is likely to dip to 5.4%, from 5.9% currently—and now poses a risk to the global economic outlook. 

Hence, the emergence & essentiality of the blockchain technology is felt with an objective of eliminating this growing risk.

The U.S. based berry producer, California Giant Berry Farms associated with the blockchain-based food tracking solution IBM Food Trust.

“As more companies become compliant, it will be exciting to see the overall improvements that will collectively be made around our food supply chain,” California Giant President Joe Barsi said in the release.

As per the Packer report, California Giant is all set to deploy a blockchain platform to propagate data between all the points of its supply chain. The firm employs Glassbit’s Glasschain IBM Food Trust integration compliance as a service solution.

Thereby, IBM Food Trust blockchain compliance has been one of California Giant’s innovative initiatives through the Farming the Future plan.

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