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'Black Clover' episode 93 release date, spoilers: ‘Julius Novachrono’ — a very emotional installment

From the "Black Clover" official 2018 trailer | Photo credit: Crunchyroll FR/YouTube screenshot

“Black Clover” episode 93 is going to be packed in magic action and very emotional. The installment will show the conclusion of the fight between the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono and Licht, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Episode 92 revealed Licht has been inside William all along leading to one of the best fights in the series. “Black Clover” episode 93 will show how the people of the Clover Kingdom will react to the ongoing battle and ultimately reveal Julius’ fate.

“Black Clover” episode 93 spoilers: Licht is no match to Julius

The episode will likely begin with Marx realizing that Julius is fighting Licht. Instead of joining them, he will focus on contacting the Magic Knights captains thinking they can offer more help to Julius.

Licht and Julius will continue to exchange attacks in “Black Clover” episode 93, but the former does not have enough power to dominate the Magic Emperor in a magic-on-magic action. Licht may have had wounded Julius in episode 92, but the Magic Emperor quickly recovered from that through his Time Magic. Julius will also reveal that his grimoire has no cover or binder — just pieces of paper stashed together — because that is how Time Magic is.

“Black Clover” episode 93 plot: Julius and his noble weakness

The next installment is titled after Julius for a reason. Fans will be reminded of his power and his dedication to protecting his people no matter the cost. The Magic Emperor also makes sure Licht knows that, too. But things will start to go sideways once Licht uses Seal Magic. He manages to widen its scope quickly, and Julius knows the threat it poses to his people. Licht declares in “Black Clover” episode 93 that he may not be able to kill Julius, but he will purge humankind starting with the Clover Kingdom.

This will remind Julius of Zara in “Black Clover” episode 93. After the latter's untimely death, it was rumored that he was killed by a fellow Magic Knight. But leaders of their country did nothing about it simply because he was born a commoner.

Julius is then reminded of the new breed of heroes who are slowly changing the status of inequality within the kingdom and resolves that he cannot let that go to waste. Julius then uses most of his mana to execute Time Reversal Magic and Chrono Anastasis to undo Licht’s vast Seal Magic. Unfortunately, he will not have enough mana to protect himself from Licht’s direct attack. “Black Clover” episode 93 will air on Tuesday, July 23.

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