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Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

The world today has changed tremendously. It's more important than before to keep your loved ones close to the lurking dangers and predators around. You may want to track a cell phone location so that you are aware of their whereabouts. Cell phone tracking can also help businesses boost their growth by keeping a check on their employees and ensuring they are productive at work. It can also help spouses who doubt that their partners are cheating and can help them confirm their suspicions.

There are several usages of location apps, and they can help you keep your family safe and even locate a phone that has been lost or stolen. It is very effortless to use, and all these applications have different features that make them very accessible.

Ways to track a cell phone location for free

There are several ways to track a cell phone location for free. These methods are easy and secure to use. Many apps like Google maps, Find my device, geo tracker etc., help in getting real-time access to a cellphone's location. It can help in love location tracking as long as the GPS and location feature of this device is turned on. Track a cell phone's location today easily.

uMobix – The best undetectable phone surveillance app

The uMobix mobile app is a great phone surveillance app. It has several features that give call records, call recording, SMS, messages from social media, geolocation, geofencing and much more. It also enables a safe search filter which is essential when monitoring kids and teens. The call logs are very detailed, and you will be impressed by what it has to offer.

You will also see the length of each call, as well as timestamps and call frequency. The app gets updated in time every 5 minutes, and you can keep track of this in real-time. The app also shows you the name of the caller in the target phone and their phone number. All this makes your work very easy, and you can spy on them in a hassle-free manner.

The app is available for both IOS and Android, and operating it is extremely easy. The cloud server of Umobix sends reports of all the activities being done on the phone, and it's updated every 5 minutes. You can view the call logs, messaging details along with details of receiver and sender, text messages, GPS location, browser history, stored photos, and videos.

1.1 uMobix unique tracking features to track a cell phone

Location tracking

Tracking a cell phone is a noticeable feature of uMobix. It helps in love tracking of the target phone and even shows the last location of sync even when the internet is turned off. The advanced GPS location locator comes with an interactive map feature. The app can help you find the location in a matter of seconds and can even help you find lost and stolen phones. The uMobix mobile phone locator uses advanced search and features so that you can use it at any time to ensure your child's safety.

Text message tracking

The uMobix app allows for easy message tracking. You can read, receive and even access sent text messages that are present in the target phone. The app can also help in retrieving recipients name and phone number along with deleted texts. It can also detect keyboard movement that can help you know what text the person was sending.

Track call logs

One of the most widely used features of this app is to track call logs. With uMobix, you can easily track cell phone location, calls and view all incoming, outgoing, missed and deleted calls. You can also access call duration along with time stamps and contact number. This can help you know who is the target talking to and can help in keeping your loved ones safe. It can also be used to confirm your suspicions about a cheating partner.

SpyBubblePro - best way to catch a cheating spouse

The SpybubblePro app is a great way to catch any cheating spouse. It is a very efficient cloud-based software that can help in easy monitoring. This app is highly accessible and easy to use. It's available for Android, iOS and even Windows. After the spy app is installed in the target phone, it starts working in stealth mode. This mode ensures the person won't know they are being targeted.

It efficiently runs in the background. This revolutionary app takes multiple screenshots, allows you to read text messages and even have access to WhatsApp and Facebook activity. It comes in several different plans with distinguishing features, and these ensure you know if your spouse is carrying out any cheating activity.

Facebook/WhatsApp Spy

The SpybubblePro app also has a great Facebook/WhatsApp spy feature. This allows you to access your partner's chats, the pictures they are liking and even people they call via these apps. It helps you access all the images, videos and messages that are generated in this app. The app also ensures you get real-time updates of all activities, and it gives new reports every few minutes.

Android/iOs Spy App

The application is well suited for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is designed so that you can easily spy on your spouse no matter what phone they use. The application is also easy to install on both kinds of phones, making sure you keep getting real-time updates.

For Android 4.0 and above, you will need physical access to the target phone for a few minutes to install the app in it. After that, it starts working in a hidden mode.

For Windows and Ios, you will need access to respective devices such as phones and computers, and then it will function efficiently.

Find hidden pictures & chats

The SpybubblePro app also helps you give access to hidden pictures and chats. You can learn about secret gallery pictures, screenshots and downloaded files quickly. The conversations that are deleted are also reflected in this app, and it can quickly help you get access to the content of the target phone.

Trace a phone number within minutes with GeoFinder

GeoFinder app is a beautiful spy app that can help you know any device's location with the help of a phone number. The GeoFinder app can help you identify and track a mobile number and determine its exact location. The area shown is precise and approximate. The app also offers you an excellent mapping option to constantly track the target device's current location.

The app allows you to access it anonymously or do it with Identity by revealing your details. The GeoFinder app uses secure technology and covers almost all areas of the globe. To use this app, you will need to add a phone number, and then an activation link will come with the SMS. With the GeoFinder app finding a location is easier than ever before. The app is also legal and secure to use, and you can know about the Location effortlessly.


The advent of cell phone tracking apps has changed how we look at the world with everything so close to our fingertips can now track and monitor all loved ones easily. It can help protect your children from cyberbullying, predators and even chat rooms that may promote wrong behaviour.

It can also help block a few websites that are not good for your employees or unsafe content for children. The use depends upon your need, but these are very efficient and can ensure you know each step taken by your target so that you are always aware.

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