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A World of Data: The Vitality of Data Scientists in 2021

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the worldwide migration to digital spaces has accelerated dramatically. Nowadays, with the right software, your company can track just about everything consumers do online, from the websites they visit to the products they’ve viewed. Information from social media platforms is even more valuable, as consumers post unlimited amounts of information about themselves: their demographic information, their interests, the companies they shop with, and the types of products they buy.

Yes, it’s a world of greater transparency than ever before; in fact, our time is being described as the era of “Big Data.” As professor Anindya Sen puts it, “massive amounts of information are being collected at an ever-decreasing cost” as customers place their information on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It all becomes part of a historical data set, a data set that trained professionals can read to offer companies insight on target demographics, plan marketing strategies, and course-correct ineffective marketing.

These people, known as data scientists, are becoming an ever-more valuable resource as companies scramble to keep up with shifting trends in the wake of the pandemic. If you’re dissatisfied with your current career and looking to make a jump to something stable, with loads of opportunity and ever-appreciating value, you might want to consider making the switch to data science.

Data Science: General Definitions and Common Practices

First, let’s establish a common definition of what a data scientist is and what they do. Much like data analysts, data scientists pull together disparate points of data and extract trends; unlike data analysts, who use statistical inquiry to answer corporate questions concerning those trends, data scientists are more exploratory in nature. Data scientists will use that data to create a model through which they can run a variety of possible scenarios, using complex algorithms to attempt to predict what may occur in the future. By using AI, machine learning, and the model they compiled and extracted from their data samples, they can run enough probable occurrences through their process to give companies a secure idea of which direction they should go in.

In order to be a successful data scientist, you must have or develop a few basic abilities: the ability to parse through data for repeatable patterns, the ability to translate complex data patterns into simple, clear models, and the ability to address data anomalies through a process known as “data cleaning.” Don’t fret if you don’t have some of these skills; beginners in the industry aren’t expected to have these down pat, and the correct educational programming will teach you how to do these things flawlessly and repeatably.

Learning the Profession: Data Science Bootcamps and You

If you’re interested in learning the profession, data science bootcamps are an effective, efficient way to learn all the skills you need to jump into a position. Data science bootcamps are educational programs designed to get you ready for a career in data science, and their programs are customizable to whatever lifestyle you might lead. If you’re a full-time student or someone who needs to keep their full-time job while they learn what they need to transition, a bootcamp provider can offer part-time options with flexible schedules, as well as full-time options for those who want to jump in headfirst.

Most data science bootcamps run between 10 to 36 weeks long, with costs ranging from $500 to $30,000 depending on the provider, whether you choose a full-time or part-time schedule, and your curriculum. Some bootcamps teach you only the essentials, getting you ready for jumping straight into a job, whereas others offer mentorship programs, specialization training, and other bonuses. There’s a bootcamp available for whatever you may need, so if you’re interested, make sure you do some research on the bootcamps out there and see which one works best for you.

A Profitable Foundation for a Future Career

Data science is an ever-expanding career field, and with a world of increased transparency and an ever-increasing pool of historical data fed by social media, they may only get more and more valuable to companies moving forward. Data science bootcamps are just one way to jump on this treasure train, so don’t be afraid to investigate others. The world of “big data” will be here to parse through when you’re ready.

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