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6 tips to enhance your eLearning marketing campaign

eLearning is a niche that focuses on providing education online through a course or a program. Like any other niche, eLearning also offers certain products and services which obviously require a marketing strategy to promote and sell in the market. Here comes the crucial question to employ a strategy that works for most of your products/services. We have a solution to this.

Kickstart your eLearning campaign with popup banners to highlight your unique selling points targeted to your relevant audience and see the growth that your eLearning business witnesses.

Below are some promotional ideas that when combined with your eLearning campaign with popup banners, can strike it big for you!

1. More visibility to your offers - You must put some offers on your products/services from time to time to increase your sales and brand awareness. But will they be effective if no one notices them? You should create catchy popup banners to get noticed. A simple example of this can be if a user is adding products in his cart, a popup can appear offering extra discount on buying two or more products. It's a win-win for both as it increases your revenue and the customer gets an extra discount.

2. Free premium service - A lot of businesses across the globe have started this trend to offer their premium services for free for a limited period of time, and it is not limited to eLearning products/services. LinkedIn is one popular example of this. LinkedIn offers its premium service for free for one month and then if you like it, you’ll have to pay for it to continue using it. Similar is the case with eLearning where you can offer your premium services/packages for free for a certain amount of time and then charge users if they want to continue to use it in the future. Popup banners are a handy tool for this if used correctly. You can use a larger and bolder text for ‘Free’ which will surely attract people to get in touch with you.

3. Increase social media following as an added benefit - Assume that you are running a campaign which involves certain promotions. Your campaign will be benefited with the help of popup banners, but if you add your social media handles within the popup, it will automatically increase your social media following.

4. Offline event promotion - As an eLearning business, it is important that you organise offline events as well. These events can focus on new features, your future plans, feedback sessions, what customers need, and the like. The main aim is to notify more and more people to increase your guest count. Announcement and promotion of such events become a piece of cake using popup banners.

5. Cashback promotions - We live in a world of cashbacks. In order to get cashback benefits, people will always prefer that particular payment method. You can also get in touch with the company that is willing to offer cashbacks to the users. It’s a win-win situation, as you both get more business.

With popup banners, you can easily create meaningful promotions offering such cashbacks.

6. New features/upgrades - Another widely used popup banner is to make your customers aware of new features/upgrades of your products/services. If you sell an eLearning software, it will come in the form of a popup list of some major improvements and redirecting to the release notes. This will keep your customers engaged and happy knowing that you are always doing something to keep them happy.


You will need different types of popup styles and categories for different eLearning needs, the types mentioned above can do the trick for you.

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