‘2018 FIFA World Cup Russia’ eye-catchy for Crypto-community

The world’s largest sporting event is just a few days away, as a result, soccer fans are clustering to online websites to book their seats in Russia. If you are planning to visit Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is the tourist portal of the Russian government that renders the fans itinerant services to Russia with useful information about the host nation of the next FIFA World Cup.

Many in the crypto-community are looking at the Russian World Cup later this summer as an excellent opportunity for Bitcoin usage, especially with the sanctions against the east European country. Luckily for crypto users, Kaliningrad, one of the cities hosting the matches, is now offering cryptocurrency payments for hotel rooms.

Some have turned to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to pay their way to the Russia World Cup (interestingly, you were able to bet on the 2014 Brazil World Cup using Bitcoin).

A few big events have come out of Russia regarding crypto-currencies in the past couple of months, most notably the announcement from Russia’s State Duma Committee on State Construction to set up the framework for digital asset regulation in the country.

At the same time, a large Russian bank issued the first ever commercial bonds carried out via blockchain technology.

Digital payments in Russia have become fraught in recent years, with U.S. payment giants Visa and Mastercard have also gone as far to block some credit card services to Russian customers in compliance with the US sanctions.

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