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‘Stranger Things’ season 4: More subjects predicted to arrive and help Eleven save Hopper who’s believed to have died

Photo by: Stranger Things/Facebook

“Stranger Things” season 4 is coming up, and fans will likely get to know the other kids who were also tested at the Hawkins lab. This means that Eleven is not the only subject who has a special ability, but there are actually a number of them.

Previously in “Stranger Things” season 3, one of the subjects was already introduced, and that’s Kali Prasad (Linnea Berthelsen), who is also known as Eight. In the finale of the third installment, Hopper (David Harbour) seemed to have died after sacrificing himself so that Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) can close the passage between the real world and Upside Down, but predictions suggest he will live as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Eight could help him.

Eleven and Kali

When “Stranger Things” season 4 returns, there is a theory that Hopper will return as well. Express reported that some fans believe that Kali was introduced in the previous season because she could work with Eleven. It was speculated that together, they would join forces to save and bring back Hopper.

Also, it was suggested that there would be lots of changes in “Stranger Things” season 4, and this includes the arrival of more subjects who were also once tested at the Hawkins lab along with Eleven. It was said that these people could number to 10 because it was deduced that subjects were named in number succession, and Eleven is the last one.

First episode title

The title for the premiere episode of “Stranger Things” season 4 has been revealed. On the show’s official Twitter account, they posted the script of the first episode, and it was captioned “Once upon a #StrangerThingsDay, the @strangerwriters told us the first episode title of Stranger Things 4 and we never ever recovered.”

As can be seen in the photo, “Stranger Things” season 4, episode 1 is called “Episode #401 ‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.’” the image also features a tagline that reads: “Looking for new members… are you in?” and lastly, it was also indicated that it was written by The Duffer Brothers, Matt, and Ross.

Release date

“Stranger Things” season 4, episode 1, has no release date yet, but it was predicted to arrive in late 2020 or early 2021. Radio Times pointed out that the show seems to be following a pattern with its release dates, so if it will stick to the usual, then the chance that it will be out in December 2020 or January 2021 is high.

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