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Samsung may tap the competitor's display panels for its LCD TV

LG Display plans to supply Samsung with its large-size LCD panels manufactured from its plant in Guangzhou, China.

Samsung Electronics Co. may use the display panels of its competitor LG Display Co. for its LCD TVs in a deal worth between 1 trillion and 2 trillion won as it transitions to quantum-dot (QD) display production.

Early this year, Samsung Electronics announced that it would discontinue its LCD screen production beginning next year as it accelerates its shift toward QD display.

Samsung Electronics' business shift may require it to sign an LCD TV panel supply deal with another firm.

According to sources, it would be LG Display.

Industry insiders earlier forecasted that Samsung Electronics would buy from Chinese firms, such as BOE Technology Group Co., China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., and Sharp Corp., now under Taiwan's Foxconn Group.

LG Display plans to supply large-size LCD panels manufactured from its plant in Guangzhou, China.

If it pushes through, the deal would not be the first time Samsung tapped LG Display for its products.

In 2017, Samsung Electronics used LG Display's LCD screens for its 65-inch and 75-inch TVs after Sharp cut its display supply.

Samsung and LG are TV industry rivals, with the former manufacturing QLED TV as the latter focuses on OLED TV.

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