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‘One Piece’ chapter 953 release date, spoilers, leaks: No hiatus ahead; Big Mom, Kaido destroy Onigashima?

From the “One Piece” Whole Cake Island arc trailer. | Photo credit: AnimeLab/YouTube screenshot

Fans of “One Piece” have suffered a full week without a new chapter of the manga. Luckily, their wait for chapter 952 will be over very soon and will be worth it. And a piece of even better news is that “One Piece” chapter 953 will be released without any prior hiatus.

Note that as of this writing, chapter 952 has not been officially released yet. It will be available on Sunday, Aug. 18, according to Viz Media. But, as usual, spoilers and leaks are starting to spread online a few days before its official release. This gives fans a chance to speculate early on the possible events in “One Piece” chapter 953.

‘One Piece’ chapter 953 release date: Manga returns to its regular schedule

As mentioned, fans do not have to worry about another hiatus before “One Piece” chapter 953 because there will not be any break. Chapter 951 was released on Aug. 4 in a Weekly Shonen Jump double issue. Then the publication took a one-week break that explains why chapter 952 is only coming out this Sunday, Aug. 18.

With the early spoilers now out in the wild, sources who have seen copies of “One Piece” chapter 953 report that there will not be any break next week. That means the next chapter will be released on Sunday, Aug. 25.

‘One Piece’ chapter 953 predictions: Big Mom and Kaido’s battle leaves Onigashima in ruins?

One of the most important locations in the Wano Country arc is the region of Onigashima. It represents a stronghold for the Beasts Pirates simply because it is Kaido’s official residence. However, its state could be in peril as Big Mom and Kaido are likely still fighting in “One Piece” chapter 953.

Based on the spoilers of chapter 952, even Queen is afraid to stay in Onigashima because Big Mom and Kaido are still fighting. Note that these are two Yonkos and using their powers against each other at the same time really has the potential to destroy an entire chunk of land. Chapter 952 leaks do not mention any conclusion to this fight that could mean the trouble continues in “One Piece” chapter 953.

Interestingly, chapter 952 also includes a scene where Kinemon acquires a map of Kaido’s residence. This increases the possibility of seeing Onigashima in an important plot in “One Piece” chapter 953 or in future installments.

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