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Best Contact Center for Exceptional Customer Experience

The best contact center employs a highly flexible and active strategy by integrating highly trained professionals and advanced technology. The contact center should embrace a client-centered approach to deliver top-notch customer service. This can easily be achieved by establishing convenient and interrupted communication channels.

For instance, Odigo has been crowned as a visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). In fact, he's the first CCaaS provider in Europe to attain the crown in the firstglobal edition of the Magic Quadrant. The impressive recognition results from Odigo's determination to improve communication tools and techniques to better agent and client experiences. From Odigo's performance, it's evident that he has ambition and realistic plans to offer a world-class customer experience.

This article will discuss measures to implement an enjoyable and highly efficient contact center.

What are the Qualities of a World-Class Contact Center for Excellent Client Experience?

For a call center to offer an excellent customer experience, they must look for the right tools. Only then can they connect several channels to offer a great experience. Just having striking calling techniques and talented agents is no longer enough. For instance, your agent must have the right software. That way, they’ll get timely and accurate information. To assist those who wish to offer unmatched customer service, we will cover must-have cloud phone system features for your contact center. They include;

AI-powered IVR

Most people are aware of what IVR is. And it’s evident that people hate it completely. Listening to the robot voice is sickening. However, an IVR is a vital feature to all phone support if well applied. Actually, artificial intelligence is robust and of much benefit to businesses. IVR will go a long way in boosting contact centers. IVR can be highly effective if integrated with AI.

By integrating your IVR with technologies, such as automated speech recognition plus sentiment analysis, your IVR will understand why a customer is calling. Besides, an advanced IVR can great a caller by their name to develop a connection. They can also guess the problem based on someone’s calling history. So, IVR can do more than just a robot.

In-App support

To ensure that your customers get an unmatched customer experience, you should eliminate friction in the customer support system. The most effective way of removing friction for the mobile-users is by adding mobile-based support.

A Chatbot Army

Though the Chatbot army is still not the next big thing, they aren’t worthless. They got their benefits. They act as a defense mechanism for your contact center. Also, you can take chatbots as a text-based IVR system. As earlier mentioned, you need to upgrade your IVR with storing AI to offer callers direct assistance. Also, as for the chatbots that help in defense, they can be integrated with powerful AI as well. That way, your chatbot will function better than a mere IVR. Chabot helps to free up your human agents' more complex tasks. Chatbots help answers simple questions.


Your contact center's main goal should be to enhance a consistent and flawless customer experience. To achieve that, you require such tools as click-to-call. It’s a simple concept that involves adding a button or link on your site to direct users to your contact center via an SMS conversation, VoIP, and a phone call.

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