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Alienware’s Concept UFO – Why Portable Games are a Better Alternative to Streaming

The recently unveiled Aliensware’s Concept UFO is an absolute game changer in the gaming industry. Essentially, it is a thick Switch that plays PC games. It consists of a pair of removable controllers on the sides of an 8-inch display. These controllers can be removed from the display and attached together to form a gamepad. A kickstand found on the back turns the UFO into a portable monitor, and can be plugged into a display to form a conventional console.

From those who have experienced the Switch Thicc, it works incredibly well as it can be used to play a huge variety of games. It is another alternative to the Betway live casino games that fans have come to love.

Well, so far, it is only a prototype, as Alienware is adamant that it is not going to be released just yet, and that there are no such plans. With the evolution of gaming, there have been questions regarding the future of gaming, and how it is projected to look like. Whatever it is, the Alienware’s Concept is a timely prototype.

It is projected that by the end of the year, the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will have launched, but we still have concerns over how cloud-based streaming is likely to affect the industry.

Video game streaming services such as Microsoft Project xCloud and Google Stadia are still considered raw, with Nintendo Switch the only proven alternative so far. The Nintendo Switch has sold approximately 40 million units in not more than 3 years, and just shows how much people love it. But what if they had a better alternative?

There is no denying the fact that the Nintendo Switch is awesome, but it has been criticized for being overpriced, and also limited in the number of games it offers. The Alienware’s Concept UFO is the ultimate solution to some of these concerns, and given the groundwork done on its development, there is every reason to believe that it addresses even more gamers concerns in the long run.

From user reviews, the Alienware’s Concept UFO gadget is not entirely original, but it is certainly one of the coolest designs out there. It uses customized Windows software, meaning that it is capable of playing any PC game. This is where the line is drawn; where there were limits to the number of games available on Switch, gamers will enjoy a much wider variety of games with this concept.

In addition, from the introduction part, it was evident that the hardware used on the Alienware’s Concept UFO was a lot more powerful than the one used on Switch. That makes it more ideal for playing games at a higher resolution to boot, including all games found on the Betway platform.

More to come

As technology evolves, so does video games. It is widely expected that the entry of Alienware’s Concept UFO into the market is set to open doors for even more innovations. Competition dictates that other players, including Switch will up their game to remain relevant in the market, and to give customers the best gaming experience. It is a win for gamers and the gaming industry at large.

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